Writing your ticket to blockchain success

In this webinar, IBM Blockchain’s Jerry Cuomo meets with Matt Zarracina and David Piskovich of True Tickets (link resides outside ibm.com) to hear how they’re rewriting the rules of concert ticket buying with blockchain.

You’ll learn why and how they started their service, how they’ve progressed their blockchain project to production and how they measure success. They also share a demonstration of their ticketing application that’s unleashing new levels of transaction integrity for concert-goers and music industry professionals.

Blockchain experts in this episode

Matt Zarracina image

Matt Zarracina
True Tickets Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to co-founding True Tickets, Matt was Director of Innovation in Thales Group’s innovation and ventures practice, applying Design Thinking to identify, assess and develop disruptive innovations for Blockchain and DLT, AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Augmented Reality and Big Data.

David Piskovich image

David Piskovich
True Tickets Co-Founder and CTO

With 20 years in enterprise IT, David was most recently Director for IT infrastructure and IT security operations for a global medical technology company, managing engineering teams in architecture, solutions engineering, information security and core IT services like messaging and collaboration.

Jerry Cuomo image

Jerry Cuomo
Vice President, IBM Blockchain Technologies

As our host and an IBM Fellow, Jerry leads the definition of IBM Blockchain strategy, offerings and customer engagement methodology. He is one of the founding fathers of IBM WebSphere Software, has filed for over 50 US patents for IBM and is a leading spokesperson for IBM in emerging business and technology areas.

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