Trust Your Supplier (TYS) blockchain network launched

To improve and accelerate supplier management and onboarding, Chainyard and IBM are joined by nine Fortune 500 industry anchors in a new blockchain network.

Blockchain ideas become real results with the IBM Garage™

Work side-by-side with our top designers, developers and architects as you build with the speed of a startup, then deploy and scale in production like an enterprise.

What every technical leader needs to know for 2020

Top experts discuss how the IBM Blockchain Platform is now optimized for Red Hat® OpenShift®, giving you unparalleled deployment flexibility across the computing environments of your choice.

New: IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance

Open new corridors of trust for new trading partnerships, uncover new liquidity pools and create new business models. Let’s reinvent trade finance – and even trade itself.

IBM Blockchain in the news

Largest Swiss supermarket chain using blockchain for food tracking

Having already seen success in food traceability with IBM’s Food Trust, blockchain-based supply chains in the food sector are increasing its adoption.

First blockchain-exclusive birth certificates recorded in Brazil

Children are already having their birth certificates recorded only using blockchain technology – without the need of the registry office.

Walmart’s foray into blockchain: How is the technology used?

Walmart is currently making use of blockchain technology to create a food traceability system based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

Three blockchain improvements that will lead to mainstream adoption

Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, and IBM are among the giants using blockchain to change business. And over 50% of companies say blockchain is a critical priority.

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Blockchain webinars

See the next-generation IBM Blockchain Platform

Take a guided tour of our platform, led by our technical experts. Topics include: getting started, new features and modules, and a deeper look into VSCode. Q&A follows.

Exploring the ROI of blockchain technology

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Blockchain shows how blockchain networks are transforming entire industries.

Secrets of startup success

Blockchain entrepreneurs are disrupting the music industry for both fans and artists alike.

Blockchain podcasts

How blockchain is making your food safer and smarter

Learn how blockchain is improving the accountability and traceability of our food – including success stories from the food supply chain.

How blockchain is shaking up the ticketing industry

Hear how True Tickets is helping replace the PDF, print-at-home ticket with a blockchain-enabled solution and what they learned from their first round of feedback.

Blockchain for social good

A totally unique use case for blockchain: the Plastic Bank is converting ocean plastic into currency with a reward system for people to earn digital tokens.

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