Sustainable seafood gets a boost from IBM Blockchain

Atea’s Seafood Provenance Network supports improved transparency, sustainability, and food integrity using blockchain technology to share supply chain data — helping deliver safer seafood to consumers worldwide.

See why IBM Blockchain Services is a Leader

The IDC MarketScape Worldwide Blockchain Services 2020 Vendor Assessment reports that “IBM has the deepest experience, broadest geographic reach, and largest organizational commitment to blockchain.”

Tracing milk from farm to table on your smartphone

El Ordeño joins IBM Food Trust to help increase transparency and reduce food waste. QR codes will enable consumers to verify provenance.

Tracing coffee from the moment beans are picked

IBM Food Trust helps Farmer Connect increase trust with a verifiable record of coffee’s journey from farm to your cup.

IBM Blockchain in the news

IBM-backed project to set blockchain standard for work credentials

The platform will provide workers a "permanent, verifiable record" of their learning, certifications and skills. Applicants will have control of their data.

European salmon producers use IBM Blockchain to track supply chain

With a CV and QR-code, consumers will be able to verify fish origin, age, size, vaccinations, harvesting date, and more — helping to build trust in our food supply.

Nestlé and Carrefour use blockchain for infant nutrition range

Shoppers will now be able to see complete information about the supply chain used to bring them infant nutrition products, using a QR code on the packaging. 

Walmart launches “world’s largest” blockchain freight-and-payment network

Walmart Canada's blockchain hits the sweet spot for the supply chain industry as it solves issues such as invoice dispute resolution and real-time data distribution.

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Learn how blockchain can deliver end-to-end supply chain data visibility, create new value from supplier data, and the benefits of blockchain documentation for industry regulators.

What every technical leader needs to know for 2020

Top experts discuss how the IBM Blockchain Platform is now optimized for Red Hat® OpenShift®, giving you unparalleled deployment flexibility across the computing environments of your choice.

See the next-generation IBM Blockchain Platform

Take a guided tour of our platform, led by our technical experts. Topics include: getting started, new features and modules, and a deeper look into VSCode. Q&A follows.

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Reflections on where you’ll likely find a more thriving startup ecosystem than any other place in the country.

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