Vaccine management on a global scale

Bring together the power of blockchain, data and AI, hybrid cloud, and security technologies to help both public and private sectors get vaccinations from production facilities to doctors’ offices around the world in a trusted way.

Norilsk Nickel joins Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

Built on IBM Blockchain technology and powered by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, the RSBN platform helps improve transparency in the mineral supply chain by providing an immutable record that can be shared with specified network members.

Vaccine distribution network on blockchain

Build trust in new vaccines from inception to injection with a network powered by IBM Blockchain. Monitor vaccine distribution at every step to help assure manufacturers, distributers, dispensers, and the public.

Learning Credential Network

Connect learners, employers, and education providers across industries and countries on a trusted, blockchain-based network that eases the management and exchange of credentials — providing a secure and trusted source for all skills-based credentials.

IBM Blockchain in the news

New York and IBM Begin Digital Health Pass Pilot

New York State has launched a pilot program based on IBM Digital Health Pass, powered by blockchain, aiming for a simple way to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination.

Moderna and IBM to collaborate on vaccine management

The two companies plan to explore artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and hybrid cloud that could help support smarter COVID-19 vaccine management and data sharing.

Blockchain to help UAE shoppers trace fresh food

Carrefour supermarket shoppers can get farm-to-shelf information, with help from IBM Food Trust.

Thai Re launches IBM blockchain-powered reinsurance smart contract platform

To help Thailand’s insurance industry gain efficiency and in processing reinsurance contracts, technology-driven Thai Re has launched a reinsurance smart contract production network using IBM Blockchain technology on IBM Cloud.

Key industry events

Gartner: Enterprise Supply Chain meets Decentralized Finance

On March 10, delve into how permissioned blockchain can be used in decentralized finance systems to help trade digital assets.

Blockchain Interoperability with IBM Blockchain Platform

Join us to explore permissioned blockchain opportunities with two interoperability leaders, The Standard Bank and Hala Systems.

Hyperledger meetups around the world

Dates and locations vary

Blockchain webinars

Automating multiparty business processes with blockchain smart contracts

Learn from a panel of global experts how blockchain and automation can help build trust and audit trails into your business practices.

Building and Scaling Blockchain Solutions for the Greater Good

Learn how IBM Blockchain is being used to help corporations deliver technology for social good and for a variety of industry solutions.

Turning greenhouse gas into a resource with blockchain

Learn how Newlight aims to help reduce greenhouse gas levels through a carbon capture process that uses an IBM Blockchain to record each step in the transformation of greenhouse gas to high-performance AirCarbon biomaterials.

Blockchain podcasts

How ticketing is thriving in a global pandemic

With the live events business upended during the pandemic, True Tickets pushed further into digital ticketing. Learn how the company, industry and blockchain ecosystem have evolved.

Translating enterprise blockchain innovation through art

Artist Erin Zhao tells the story of collaboration with IBM to rethink the art consumption experience in our COVID-19 era.

Why crisis shouldn’t block you from blockchain

Taking advantage of well-timed opportunities is key. This podcast explains why this particular time might be the perfect window for revamping your enterprise through blockchain.

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