Vaccine distribution network on blockchain

Build trust in new vaccines from inception to injection with a network powered by IBM Blockchain. Monitor vaccine distribution at every step to help assure manufacturers, distributers, dispensers, and the public.

Learning Credential Network

Connect learners, employers, and education providers across industries and countries on a trusted, blockchain-based network that eases the management and exchange of credentials — providing a secure and trusted source for all skills-based credentials.

TradeLens is revolutionizing the supply chain

Supply chain partners can now depend on a holistic view of reliable shipment event data and corresponding documents – all delivered directly from participating sources. Eliminate manual document handling and poor visibility.

Healthcare and life sciences solutions

Tackle issues of trust, transparency and data integrity with blockchain-based networks and solutions built on the industry’s leading platform. Blockchain has already shown its value by enabling trust and collaboration.

IBM Blockchain in the news

Bringing blockchain benefits to bustling Malaysia

The Malaysian government wants to make doing business there easier, and that includes blockchain. The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) is now collaborating with IBM and Maersk to modernize the country’s shipping processes.

Cognition Foundry uses blockchain to clean oceans and build communities

IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry created a way to address two social challenges with one inspired solution that removes polluting plastic from ocean debris and puts it to work in communities that desperately need raw building materials.

Canadian Pacific: Traveling at the speed of information

Running a freight line as complex as Canadian Pacific (CP) requires intense coordination between all the players involved. Now, by adopting TradeLens, CP can share information better with cargo owners, customs agencies and consignees.

Following fashions through enhanced product traceability

Many modern clothes buyers want to know more than the price of a garment, including where it comes from and who made it. Enter Voyage, a new program prototyped by IBM’s Extreme Blue internship and Burberry, that uses RFID tags to track a garment’s entire lifecycle.

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Hyperledger meetups around the world

Dates and locations vary

Blockchain webinars

See the art of blockchain innovation

Join us for Blockparty, the webinar series celebrating blockchain’s transformation of consumer confidence, food safety and more. View original art and hear from leading IBM clients. Debuts 19 Aug.

IBM Blockchain Platform: Weekly User Series

Enjoy and learn from a dozen webinars in this series. Product and technical experts share their expertise to show you the specific features, functions and capabilities of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Fostering better collaboration with blockchain

It’s well understood how blockchain capably supports business goals, but what about social initiatives that improve lives? Hear how blockchain is coming to the rescue.

Blockchain podcasts

Why crisis shouldn’t block you from blockchain

Taking advantage of well-timed opportunities is key. This podcast explains why this particular time might be the perfect window for revamping your enterprise through blockchain.

Bandwagon uses blockchain to safeguard consumer identity data

Hear how Bandwagon founder Harold Hughes transformed a fan analytics company into an identity infrastructure enterprise, and why his team was led to integrate blockchain.

Fostering better collaboration with blockchain

A discussion with the Global Design Lead for Blockchain Services at IBM. Feel inspired anew by the power of blockchain and the collaboration within an ecosystem.

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