Blockchain in manufacturing

Discover how to get a trusted supply chain with provenance.

IDC forecasts global blockchain spending

Global spending on blockchain solutions forecast by IDC to be nearly USD 19 billions in 2024.

Sonoco and IBM: Safeguarding medications

IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply helps Sonoco safeguard the efficacy of lifesaving medications.

IPwe and IBM: Transparency in IP

Blockchain can bring visibility and liquidity to the intellectual property market.

IBM Blockchain in the news

IBM, IPwe about to turn patents into NFTs

IPwe, working with IBM for years on a patent industry blockchain solution, will begin representing patents as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or digital assets.

Designing for uncertainty: How IBM created a vaccine passport

New York State developed the optional Excelsior Pass vaccine passport with IBM in just eight weeks.

Where is blockchain now?

Current trends are pushing blockchain’s potential applications in a wide range of fields.

Segafredo Storia is here: 100% traceable coffee

Thanks to blockchain, new packaging reveals the story behind each cup.

Key industry events

Hyperledger Global Forum 2021

Watch the event replay to deepen your understanding of open source Hyperledger Fabric.

Missed Think?

Access Think on demand to learn how hybrid cloud and AI are the foundation of smarter business.

Hyperledger meetups around the world

Dates and locations vary

Blockchain webinars

IBM’s commitment to Hyperledger Fabric

At Hyperledger Global Forum 2021, IBM rededicated its commitment to open-source Hyperledger Fabric. Watch the event replay and learn from experts as they discuss the IBM R&D contribution.

Automating multiparty business processes with blockchain smart contracts

Learn from a panel of global experts how blockchain and automation can help build trust and audit trails into your business practices.

Blockchain Interoperability with IBM Blockchain Platform

Join us to explore permissioned blockchain opportunities with two interoperability leaders, The Standard Bank and Hala Systems.

Blockchain podcasts

How ticketing is thriving in a global pandemic

With the live events business upended during the pandemic, True Tickets pushed further into digital ticketing. Learn how the company, industry and blockchain ecosystem have evolved.

Translating enterprise blockchain innovation through art

Artist Erin Zhao tells the story of collaboration with IBM to rethink the art consumption experience in our COVID-19 era.

Why crisis shouldn’t block you from blockchain

Taking advantage of well-timed opportunities is key. This podcast explains why this particular time might be the perfect window for revamping your enterprise through blockchain.

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Featured tweets and videos

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Improving business networks in government with blockchain

IBM Blockchain: Transforming trade finance – and trade

Newlight Technologies: Turning greenhouse gas into a resource with blockchain

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