IBM Global Financing (IGF) is the world’s largest technology financier

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countries in which IGF provides technology financing services

IGF manages:

USD 43 billion

financing originations





IBM Global Financing

  • Provides USD 41 billion in new financing annually
  • Originates USD 14 billion new end-user financing annually
  • Processes 37,542 returned IT assets per week
  • Manages 4,000+ suppliers and partners worldwide
  • Issues USD 2.9 million invoices/year

With a vast network of suppliers and partners, IGF faces major challenges
around dispute resolution.


disputes every year

USD 100 million

in capital tied up
at any given time

USD 31,000

average disputed
invoice amount

Without blockchain, participants in the transaction:

  • Lack end-to-end visibility, from invoice to cash
  • Utilize incompatible systems
  • Have no end-to-end view of progress of goods and payment
  • Have to launch a dispute to resolve issues
  • Waste time, tie up money and strain relationships

IGF Suppliers Partners ! !


  • Products not delivered on time, incorrectly, or not delivered at all
  • Filed disputes to put payment on hold
  • Spent time investigating the missing products


  • Assumed task was over when products are shipped
  • Expected to be paid
  • Experienced a significant number of product delivery disputes
  • Resolving disputes costs time and resources

Traditional financiers

  • Could not monitor dispute interactions between partners and suppliers
  • Unable to help resolve issues

IBM Global Financing reduced time spent resolving financial disputes by 75% using blockchain technology

Blockchain is an immutable, shared ledger that provides needed
visibility across the business network

Providing comprehensive visibility across the entire transaction lifecycle allows stakeholders to
prevent or speed the resolution of disputes

IGF Suppliers Partners

Blockchain provides:


Full details of the
dispute as it occurs


Less time
researching issues


Instant action gets
work back on track

Cash flow

Fast resolution
frees up funds

IBM Blockchain

  • Utilizes data available from suppliers to deliver enhanced information to both suppliers and business partners
  • Requires no code changes to core commercial financing system
  • Integrates blockchain into existing user interface
  • Enhances data & includes key information regarding status which minimizes disputes
  • Establishes a platform for competitive advantage

IBM Blockchain technology helped IGF save time and administrative costs.

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Reduced time for
dispute resolution:
40+ days to <10 days

40% capital efficiency
in disputes

All stakeholders realize
administrative expense

Invoicing with IGF on Blockchain

If disputes arise, they can be quickly resolved by consulting the blockchain

If disputes arise, they can be quickly resolved by consulting the blockchain

With blockchain, participants in the transaction:

  • Share a single platform with permissioned and secure access
  • Receive a full view of the process
  • Easily track from purchase order to product delivery
  • Are able to drill down to see all steps in the process
  • Can see exact moment when a delay or error occurs
  • Remedy problems without filing a dispute
  • Achieve on-boarding and quick installation without disruption

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