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Let’s make trust the financial world’s universal currency

What if we could revolutionize the financial world? Where old processes and paperwork are replaced by newfound cooperation, innovation and speed. Where fraud and crime could one day be put to rest by collective trust in a highly secure, shared view of the truth.

It’s already happening. Leading financial institutions are trailblazing the way forward with IBM Blockchain, working together to remove longstanding friction, create new solutions and deliver tangible business outcomes. Now it’s your turn to join them. What will we solve together?

What’s blockchain’s potential ROI in financial services? Find out now.

Discover the positive impact Forrester says IBM Blockchain can have on your business. This report includes:

•  Blockchain technology and market overview
•  Financial model framework
•  Projecting new revenue and savings
•  Expanded economic impact and analysis of costs
•  Sample organization calculation and financial summary

Learn how blockchain is revolutionizing financial services

Transforming trade finance – and trade

By joining, the trade finance network convened by IBM Blockchain, businesses are creating an ecosystem of trust for global trade. Its standardized rules and simplified trading options decrease risk and increase opportunity for banks and SMEs.

Clear and settle cross-border payments in seconds – not days

Discover how IBM Blockchain World Wire revolutionizes international payments with simultaneous cross-border messaging, clearing and settlement on a single network, creating a new global payment rail.

First mover advantage in clearing and settlement

IBM Blockchain is enabling real-time, point-to-point funds transfer between financial institutions, stripping out frictions and redundancies that impede efficiencies, and radically accelerating settlements.

Improving cryptocurrency security with blockchain and LinuxONE

INBLOCK issues Metacoin cryptocurrency, which is based on Hyperledger fabric, to help overcome cryptocurrency technical deficiencies – making digital asset transactions faster, more convenient and safer.

Who’s leading the way?

Blockchain innovators in financial services aren’t just small start-ups or fintechs. Many are medium-sized banks and large institutions. Defying expectations, they’re proving they have the agility to move fast in the face of change.



of banks are investing in blockchain solutions by 2018


of institutions expect to be in production and running at scale with blockchain

IBM Blockchain is driving innovation in financial services

Streamline financial transactions

Explore use cases for financial markets to see how to tap into new revenue sources and build trusted connections with IBM Blockchain.

Build customer trust and enhance the banking experience

Banking use cases show how to create new business opportunities while increasing operational efficiency.

Strengthen financial services with distributed ledger technology

An emerging consensus on the buy-side:  A research-based report for asset managers, service providers and vendors.

Blockchain rewires the financial markets

Explore the opportunities and challenges met and overcome by trailblazing financial institutions as they embrace a decentralized blockchain platform to redefine their futures.

Discover why IBM Blockchain Services is ranked #1

Leading independent research organizations have named IBM Blockchain as their top-ranked services provider.¹ Learn how to rapidly simplify blockchain complexity, unlock new value and scale up competitive advantages with our help.

What will we solve together?

Let’s talk about driving your desired business outcomes with IBM Blockchain – and revolutionizing the financial industry.