Blockchain in media, entertainment and advertising

How blockchain is transforming online ad buying, online ticketing, rights management and much more.

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Blockchain brings a new day to media, entertainment and advertising

Digital media has changed the world for consumers, artists and brands — yet major business problems persist. The United States economy loses USD 12.5 billion in total output each year from online music theft.¹ The potential for fraud has become more prevalent with the growth of online ticket sales compounding at a rate of 19% annually. And online advertising fraud costs companies at least USD 19 billion annually.²

The solution is IBM® Blockchain. Discover how we bring complete transparency to digital transactions with immutable, distributed ledgers delivering newfound trust to media, entertainment and advertising – while reducing costs, eliminating intermediaries and unleashing new value across supply chains.

Learn how to enforce accountability in media with blockchain (465 KB)


Eliminate fraud

Digitally record media purchases on a shared, immutable ledger.

Reduce costs

Streamline inventory management, billing and invoicing.

Increase transparency

Automate royalty payments, verify digital supply chain participants and more.

What’s blockchain’s potential ROI in media and advertising?
  • Blockchain technology and market overview
  • Financial model framework
  • Projecting new revenue and savings
  • Expanded economic impact and analysis of costs
  • Sample organization calculation and financial summary


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