A new day in media, entertainment and advertising

Digital media has changed the world for consumers, artists and brands – yet major business problems persist. The U.S. economy loses $12.5 billion in total output each year from online music theft.¹ Fraud rates for digital tickets are twice those for printed ones.² And online advertising fraud costs companies at least $19 billion annually.³

The solution is IBM Blockchain. Discover how we bring complete transparency to digital transactions with immutable, distributed ledgers delivering newfound trust to media, entertainment and advertising – while reducing costs, eliminating intermediaries and unleashing new value across supply chains. 

How your business can benefit

Eliminate fraud

Digitally record media purchases on a shared, immutable ledger.

Reduce costs

Streamline inventory management, billing and invoicing.

Increase transparency

Automate royalty payments, verify digital supply chain participants and more.

What’s the potential ROI of IBM Blockchain?

We commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report to help you identify the cost, benefits, flexibilities and risk factors of working with IBM Blockchain. The research is based on Forrester’s TEI methodology, financial model framework and case studies, plus interviews with IBM Blockchain stakeholders and customers. Register now to watch our latest webinar and read the report to project your cost savings and the business benefits of working with IBM Blockchain.

Why IBM Blockchain

IBM is a leader in blockchain for business. We advise clients on how this new technology will solve current supply chain and transparency issues in the world of media, entertainment, and advertising. And IBM is making significant contributions to The Linux Foundation and their open source Hyperledger technology, on which the IBM Blockchain Platform is built. 

Four people at a work meeting

It was the combination of taking the technology solutions as well as the market solutions [of IBM]…that makes this a special partnership

Bill Wise, CEO, Mediaocean

Featured network success

Revolutionizing the media and advertising industry

Bill Wise, Founding CEO, discusses how Mediaocean and IBM Blockchain are leading a network of advertising agencies, digital supply chain professionals, and media partners to tackle the problem of online ad fraud.

Rocking the music industry and revolutionizing ticket buying

Startup True Tickets and IBM Blockchain are putting concert tickets on an immutable ledger to fight fraud, eliminate extra fees and create a more secure, streamlined supply chain from artists to their fans. 

Insights and resources from IBM Blockchain

Removing fraud from online advertising

Blockchain addresses trust, control and arbitrage concerns in the supply chain to help restore billions lost to middlemen and fraud. Learn why blockchain is the new black for media buying.

Writing new chapters in business

Across advertising, music, movies, TV, gaming and more, learn how clients are using IBM Blockchain to disrupt their industries and reshape the way they do business.

How to be a blockchain founder

Gain insight from business leaders to learn how to convene and govern a network where all participants derive newfound – and lasting – value.

Learn from today’s successful blockchain networks

Understand lessons learned and best practices from early adopters who are leading blockchain business networks.

Discover why IBM Blockchain Services is ranked #1

IBM Blockchain has been named the leading services provider by Juniper Research⁴ and HFS Research⁵. Learn how to rapidly simplify blockchain complexity, unlock new value and scale up competitive advantages with our help.

What will we solve together?

Let’s create networks and solutions that will make the media, entertainment and advertising industries more transparent, efficient and fair to everyone involved.