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Banking & Financial Markets

Bring trust, simplicity & enhanced customer experience to financial services.


Revolutionize the trust that powers insurance with an immutable foundation of transparency and shared purpose.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Harness blockchain to reinvent the product authenticity, operational excellence and consumer experience.


Ensure data stewardship to protect citizen information, maintain trust and ensure the accuracy of public records.


Streamline clinical data across organizations and enable patients to control their medical data to increase the quality of care.


Drive innovative mobility services, supply chain traceability and more secure financial transactions.

Travel & Transportation

Speed transactions, reduce fraud and streamline operations to move passengers, personnel and parcels more efficiently.

Media & Entertainment

Build an ecosystem of trust around digital content usage — music, movies, television, advertising, loyalty points and more.

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Tracing food in seconds — not weeks. Frank Yiannas, Walmart's Vice President of Food Safety, explains the benefits he’s seeing by participating in IBM Food Trust.

Cross-industry applications

Supply Chain

Add greater visibility and efficiency across the entire supply chain and deliver higher value.

Digital identity

Empower consumers to control their own identity and share between trusted entities with their consent.

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