Building open source blockchain for business

Blockchain can do for business what the internet did for communication. Powering that transformation is Hyperledger, hosted by The Linux Foundation. Innovators in finance, banking, IoT, supply chains, manufacturing and technology are creating open, standardized and enterprise-grade distributed ledger blockchain frameworks and code bases to produce tangible business results.


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The Hyperledger community is focused on the development, deployment and use of open, transparent, reliable and interoperable enterprise blockchains. That’s why IBM has chosen Hyperledger Fabric as the foundation for the IBM Blockchain Platform. We’re building additional value on an open-source blockchain protocol, so businesses can hit the ground running on their blockchain journeys.

What is Hyperledger Fabric?

Hyperledger Fabric is emerging as the de-facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms. Through open source and open governance, it features innovative new capabilities hardened for use by businesses, ushering in a new era of trust, transparency and accountability.


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Permissioned network

Establish decentralized trust in a network of known participants rather than a public network with no identity


Confidential transactions

Expose only the data you want to share to the parties you want to share it with


Pluggable architecture

Tailor the blockchain to industry needs with a pluggable architecture rather than a one size fits all approach

Get Started

Easy to Get Started

Program smart contracts in the languages your team works in today instead of learning custom languages and architectures

Hyperledger Fabric driving innovation

Hyperledger Fabric v.1.2.0 sets the groundwork for privacy-preserving asset transfer at scale for enterprise-grade solutions. Capabilities include new tools for interacting with a business network and an improved trusted transaction approval process.

Work with this transformative technology now

See how to drive real business outcomes with Hyperledger Fabric by trying the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan today.

Test drive the technology with Hyperledger Composer and see how to turn business logic into code. Now any programmer can become a blockchain developer.