What makes the IBM Blockchain Platform unique


Build your network faster and easier within a seamless experience

Smooth integration between smart contract development (VS Code) and network management. Simplified DevOps allows you to move from development to test to production in a single environment.


Operate and govern networks with total control

Deploy only the blockchain components you need using a redesigned console lets you manage network components in one place, no matter where they are deployed.


Grow distributed networks with ease with newly enabled multi-cloud flexibility

Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public, hybrid clouds. Easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks.

IBM Blockchain Platform Free 2.0 Beta: made for developers

Use our powerful end-to-end extension

The IBM Blockchain Platform VSCode Extension enables you to discover, code, test, debug, package, deploy and publish smart contracts and applications — all with a single tool.

Work with the latest version of Hyperledger Fabric

With its simple SDK for smart contract and application development, the new Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 framework continues to set the standard for innovation and collaboration.

Get started with samples and tutorials

Start from scratch with a tutorial, or use a sample with our VSCode Extension to begin your blockchain development process.

Try the next generation of the IBM Blockchain Platform today – built for a new era of innovation.

Tools and resources for you

The value of Hyperledger Fabric

Learn what's unique about Hyperledger Fabric, why it matters to business networks and how to start using it.

Start developing with the IBM Blockchain Platform VSCode extension

Learn how to create a new skeleton project, develop and package a smart contract, start a local Hyperledger Fabric runtime, deploy locally for dev and test, and more.

Run a commercial paper smart contract with the IBM Blockchain VSCode extension

Develop blockchain apps and smart contracts easily with this new extension and the latest Hyperledger Fabric features.

Ready for production?

Develop, test and deploy on a cloud, multiple clouds or on-premises with current IBM Blockchain Platform production versions.

Learn more about the IBM Blockchain Platform

More deployment options for a multi-cloud world

See how the world’s leading blockchain for business platform now extends to different computing environments.

Certification and badges

IBM Digital Badges are reinventing how credentials are used to recognize achievement and your contributions.

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