Watch how blockchain is transforming disaster relief

It’s been three years since Hurricane Harvey decimated the Texas coast. Yet thousands of individuals and businesses are still struggling with a complex and antiquated disaster relief system. In Bonds of Trust – a new short film from IBM – you’ll see the emotional story of their struggles and how blockchain could be the technology that transforms the recovery process from life’s most challenging disasters.

See the art of blockchain innovation

Join us for Blockparty, the webinar series celebrating blockchain’s transformation of consumer confidence, food safety and more. View original art and hear from leading IBM clients. Watch Blockparty live or on demand.

How blockchain helps humanitarian efforts

At IBM, we believe in the power of blockchain for social good. Learn how innovators and humanitarians are creating new models for change, advancing knowledge and helping to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

A single view of the truth

Blockchain technology creates a distributed, shared system of record among network members that eliminates the need for – and disagreements caused by – different ledgers.

Immutable, tamper-proof records

Consensus from all members of a blockchain network is required to validate each transaction, and all validated transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain. No one can delete them – not even system administrators.

Permissioned participation

Each member of the network must have access privileges in order to participate, keeping out bad actors. Furthermore, information is shared with other network members on a need-to-know basis only.

Creating new models for change

With every passing day, blockchain innovators are discovering how to use the technology’s unique benefits to decentralize power, redefine value, forge new alliances and reshape the status quo.

Turning plastic waste into valuable currency

Plastic Bank is helping more than one billion people in areas of high poverty and high plastic pollution transform their lives. They’re using a solution built on the IBM Blockchain Platform to collect and trade plastic waste for the items they need most.

We use blockchain to solve global problems, providing financial inclusion for the world’s poor and enabling transparent social plastic recycling systems.

Shaun Frankson, Co-founder and CTO, Plastic Bank

Create lasting change with our help

Services to help you all along the way

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Fast start your project, accelerate an existing pilot into production, integrate with new technologies, or interoperate with other networks. You can do it all with IBM Blockchain Services – the industry’s leading blockchain services provider.

Build with the IBM Blockchain Platform

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Disruptors and developers alike are turning to the next generation of the IBM Blockchain Platform. From ease-of-use to ownership of everything you create, explore our latest version created with input and insights from users worldwide.

Making a world of a difference with IBM Blockchain

Microfinancing boosts food kiosk sales in Kenya

Twiga Foods uses IBM Blockchain to make loans to local food vendors. With smart contracts, the loans are processed quickly and more securely, helping businesses thrive and deliver more fresh produce.

Helping ensure that cobalt is ethically mined

Cobalt mining can create serious pollution and health risks. A consortium, including IBM, is using blockchain to track cobalt from extraction, to smelter, to manufacturers – to help ensure responsible handling.

Building blockchains that stand for good

Five principles on how blockchain can deliver real business value, be equitable to all participants, and promote open innovation to build enterprise blockchain networks that are trusted and transparent.

What will we solve together?

Help solve the world’s most important challenges. Start building blockchain for social good solutions on the next generation of IBM Blockchain Platform.