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Global systemic challenges – poverty, pollution, hunger, social injustice and more – push against the world’s progress. Yet historic advances in technology enable us to innovate like never before; to solve business problems while simultaneously tackling the planet’s biggest challenges head on.

At IBM, we believe in the power of blockchain for business – and for social good. Learn how industry innovators and leading humanitarians are using blockchain to create new models for change, advance collective knowledge and help solve what impacts us all.

An opportunity for the world’s unbankable to use plastic as a bankable currency.

David Katz, Founder and CEO, Plastic Bank

How blockchain can help humanitarian efforts

IBM is a contributor to The Linux Foundation and their open source Hyperledger technology. Its distributed, immutable, permissioned form of recordkeeping makes it ideal to enhance trust and transparency in the world.

A single view of the truth

Blockchain technology creates a distributed, shared system of record among network members that eliminates the need for – and disagreements caused by – different ledgers.

Immutable, tamper-proof records

Consensus from all members of a blockchain network is required to validate each transaction, and all validated transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain. No one can delete them – not even system administrators.

Permissioned participation

Each member of the network must have access privileges in order to participate, keeping out bad actors. Furthermore, information is shared with other network members on a need-to-know basis only.

Creating new models for change

With every passing day, blockchain innovators are discovering how to use the technology’s unique benefits to decentralize power, redefine value, forge new alliances and reshape the status quo.

Making a world of a difference with IBM Blockchain

Building blockchains that matter

Five principles on how blockchain can deliver real business value, be equitable to all participants, and promote open innovation and collaboration.

Turning plastic waste into valuable currency

The Plastic Bank is using IBM Blockchain to help more than 1 billion people living in areas of high poverty and plastic pollution collect and trade that waste for the items they need most.

Eradicating extreme poverty worldwide by 2030

Global Citizen engages people to change the world – including more than 1,000 developers in Challenge Accepted, our recent hackathon to create a donation tracking application on the blockchain platform.

Transforming the world’s carbon credit market

Veridium is using IBM Blockchain to help clean the environment, turning carbon credits into a new digital asset that can be purchased and used on the Stellar network.

Create the change you want with IBM Blockchain

Put the power of IBM and the transformative potential of this technology to work as we solve the world’s challenges together.

Security at scale

The IBM Blockchain Platform offers enterprise-grade security, control and ease-of-use in a variety of computing environments including IBM Cloud, on-premises and third-party cloud providers such as AWS.

Trusted expertise

More than 1,500 IBM industry and technical experts bring their knowledge and experience to help you start, accelerate and innovate your blockchain network.

Network convening power

Connect with innovators, suppliers, regulators and others across the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem to establish, join or run value-producing, world-changing blockchain networks.

What will we solve together?

Help solve the world’s most important challenges. Start building blockchain for social good solutions on the next generation of IBM Blockchain Platform.