Blockchain ensures safer food

We all eat – and we’ve all had second thoughts about food’s safety or freshness.

What if we could replace those doubts with visibility into every step from farm to fork? Right now, companies across the food supply are doing just that, sharing and using data from IBM Food Trust™, built on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Discover how growers, processors, distributors, retailers are others are making food safer, lengthening shelf lives, reducing waste, and unlocking better access to shared, secure information that impacts us all.

Blockchain tracks every step in shipping

Think of everything you’ve used today. How did it all get here?

Today’s supply chain is a complex network of relationships, scheduling, systems and data. Even the smallest error can lead to delays that have tremendous ripple effects.

By digitizing and automating paperwork across supply chains, IBM Blockchain helps shippers, ports, customs services, logistics providers, banks, insurers and others better manage documents across organizational boundaries and geographic borders – all in real time and with absolute precision.

Blockchain spreads trust everywhere

Whether it’s between people or organizations, relationships flourish with more trust.

From the jewelry you wear to the insurance that protects your family, IBM Blockchain can elevate that trust to an entirely new level by helping parties transacting together validate and share immutable transaction records on a private, distributed ledger.

This shared record of truth — a form of digital trust unlike anything the world has seen — leads to everything from less paperwork and fewer disputes to happier customers and entirely new ways of doing business.  

Want to see what blockchain can do for your business?

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IBM Blockchain and your business

Become a blockchain developer

The award-winning IBM Blockchain Platform provides the most complete set of blockchain software, services, tools and sample code available for Hyperledger Fabric. It’s everything you need to create, test, govern and manage a working blockchain network in a variety of cloud environments.

Turn blockchain strategy into business outcomes

Over 500 client engagements. More than 1,600 technical and industry experts. Find out why IBM Blockchain Services is the top-ranked services provider throughout your blockchain journey.

Leading minds and proven methodologies

Every blockchain for business use case is different. At the IBM Garage™, we create bespoke hands-on workshops, blockchain value design, first projects, architectural reviews and more crafted for your business.

What will we solve together?

With the world expecting more from technology, IBM Blockchain delivers more trust each day. Find out how we’re transforming businesses, industries – and even the world.

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