Blockchain in action

Right now, blockchain is helping reshape industries in domains as varied as finance, healthcare, government and manufacturing. The technology will continue to evolve and be used in more innovative ways.

Blockchain shaping the nation and world

Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and VP of Blockchain Technologies, went before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology to discuss applications for blockchain – beyond cryptocurrency – to help reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done across industries and government.


Imagine the future of connected devices with Watson IoT and Blockchain.

Cross-border transactions

IBM announces major blockchain solution to speed global payments.

Financial services

See how IBM opens up a worldwide network of more than 4,000 supliers and partners.

Public sector

Read how blockchain is a solution for provenance.

Are you ready for blockchain?

Consider if any of the following apply to your business

Establishing the business network

Do you have a need to share and record information with multiple business entities?

Participant requirements

Do you need to know the identities in your business network? For example, to adhere to regulations such as anti-money laundering (AML) or know your customer (KYC)?

Smart contracts

Do you have frequent exchanges with others that could be automated and pre-programmed, freeing up valuable time and resource?

Settlement needs

Would you benefit from transaction resolution in minutes rather than days or weeks?