Blockchain explained through art

We asked five artists – all new to blockchain – to create art about its key benefits. See what they made, then learn more from IBM clients and business partners in Blockparty, our new webinar series.

Dreamers and doers reinventing what’s possible

Blockchain’s success doesn’t happen alone. It takes visionaries with big ideas and technologists who know how to bring those ideas to life. That’s what you can find with the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem for Business Partners.

One company is a shining example of this: Cognition Foundry. They’re the 2020 winners of the IBM Beacon Award Blockchain Trailblazer category. They’ve helped clients like Plastic Bank, Newlight Technologies and others use blockchain to transform plastic waste into currency for the world’s unbanked and turn greenhouse gases into biocompatible goods.

“What we do is bring technology to these cool ideas,” says Bill Stark, Cognition Foundry’s President (at left in photo with Shaun Frankson of Plastic Bank). “A founder has an idea to do something positive in the world. We have decades of experience in using technology to do that.”


“We help startups see how blockchain can give them the authenticity and transparency that will win hearts and minds.”

– Bill Stark, President, Cognition Foundry

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What IBM Blockchain Ecosystem members are doing today

Cognition Foundry uses blockchain for social good

The 2020 IBM Beacon Blockchain Trailblazer Award has been given to Cognition Foundry, an IBM Business Partner, for their efforts to simultaneously help improve our environment and transform lives by creating new business models. Their winning submission will both deliver benefits to customers and drive demonstrable business outcomes.

Igniting success in any cloud

Chateaux Software is helping their client, Vertrax, solve longstanding supply chain disruption challenges in the oil and gas industry. In the first multicloud deployment of its kind, learn how the two teams brought new thinking to life with the IBM Blockchain Platform on AWS.

Building trust in construction

Global construction output could exceed 17.5 trillion USD by 2030 – but losses due to corruption could be as high as 30 percent. Learn how DoshEx, runner-up in the IBM Beacon Award Blockchain Trailblazer category, is using the IBM Blockchain Platform to partner with IoT partner Digital Twin to redefine trust in the construction industry.

Faster and more precise supply chain tracking

Ted Kim, VP, Blockchain, Samsung SDS America discusses the potential of The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric at the IBM Blockchain Platform’s Board of Advisors meeting.

Helping secure data truth and authenticity

Karen Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Blockchain, describes the use of IBM Blockchain and IBM Watson to help ensure that data used in AI algorithms is as reliable and secure as possible.

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