What is the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem?

No single company can unlock the potential of blockchain on its own. Which is why the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem provides companies building on the IBM Blockchain Platform a range of opportunities to access valuable new channels, exclusive strategic partnerships and innovative technology and resources to accelerate growth.

Join them to unlock the power of the IBM Blockchain Platform powered by The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, leveraging valuable new relationships and channels, business and strategic guidance, technical mentorship and resources, marketing support and a range of go-to-market opportunities.

How to get started on the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem

Build on the IBM Blockchain Platform

Deploy blockchain on more clouds for your business needs

Build, grow and accelerate your IBM Blockchain Platform solution guided by industry-leading expertise, enterprise-grade technology and an open community of developers. You even have flexible deployment options, including on-premises, with your cloud provider, or multi-cloud.

Access Developer Resources

Learn from IBM’s developer and educational resources, including insights from industry experts, sample code, courses, community support and events.

Sign up for IBM Blockchain Platform

Access the capabilities and flexibility of the IBM Blockchain Platform to develop, govern and operate your blockchain solutions and networks.

Join an IBM Blockchain Ecosystem program

Become an IBM Blockchain Reseller

Leverage IBM’s Business Partner platform to resell the IBM Blockchain Platform as well as your services.

Embed IBM Blockchain in your solution

Accelerate your path to new markets without the standard development costs. Join our digital licensing program and quickly integrate your solution with the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Access new market channels

Still learning how blockchain can impact your business? We’ll show you how to define outcomes, discover use cases and help you get started on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

What does blockchain already help solve?

Helping organizations crawl, walk, then run with AI

Thierry Hubert, CEO, Darwin Ecosystem, explains how IBM Watson helps with tasks that vary from gleaning insights on personality for HR and recruiting purposes to ensuring correct medical coding.

Helping secure data truth and authenticity with blockchain and AI

Karen Kilroy, CEO, Kilroy Blockchain, describes the use of IBM Blockchain and IBM Watson to help ensure that data used in AI algorithms is as reliable and secure as possible.

Where blockchain innovators build business together

Hundreds of world leaders in finance, banking, supply chain, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, transportation and others have turned to IBM Blockchain to transform blockchain ideas into business success.

Your business is ready to expand. We’ll help you scale up.

IBM Blockchain Accelerator helps rapidly growing startups build their enterprise blockchain business networks. As part of a partnership with Columbia University, we select promising blockchain initiatives with operating networks, and then help boost and speed progress with in-person blockchain training, and insights from business and tech experts.

Featured ecosystem members


Blockchain at Berkeley

Penn blockchain






DLT Labs



Black Ridge Technology


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What will we solve together?

Explore the IBM Blockchain Ecosystem for the right opportunities and networks to help you achieve business success.