Onboard emergency suppliers with speed and visibility into available inventories

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect

Provider organizations and government agencies face critical supply shortages. In response, they’re often turning to new, unproven suppliers. Identifying and vetting these suppliers can be time consuming and drains critical resources. IBM Rapid Supplier Connect provides emergency supplier onboarding and inventory availability. It is a consolidated source for buyers to meet non-traditional suppliers and see their inventory availability.

IBM is offering IBM Rapid Supplier Connect™ to buyers and qualifying suppliers initially at no cost until August 31, 2020. Please complete the sign-up form on the IBM Rapid Supplier Connect page and you will be contacted shortly by a support team member who will help walk you through the qualification process.

For buyers of goods

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect is a cloud-based application designed to require no integration to access or use. Buyers can access a single transparent source for supplier information, including product categories each supplier supports.

For suppliers of goods

Suppliers create a digital identity with key procurement information. Suppliers can also list the product categories they support and their available inventories.

For both buyers and suppliers

Buyers and suppliers transact separately outside of the network. All users are supported by a dedicated team from the IBM Rapid Supplier Connect support team.

Verify your business simply, with documents upload and sharing

IBM Food Trust Documents

Certificates and related documents are essential for complex supply chains. They can help confirm that a facility is properly inspected, that products have been treated according to law, and that organizations are certified according to industry standards. However, verifying that these documents are complete, valid, and current is complicated by their abundance, complexity, and variety. To simplify this task, IBM Food Trust™ offers a holistic approach with the Documents module to help store, track, and share all documents.

For growers and producers

Facilities can upload and manage business-enabling licenses, share authorizations, and validate certifications with Food Trust Documents. Users can customize the type of document and tag by product identifiers for easy search and viewing.

For food logistics managers

Logistics organizations can store and access quality assurance data, such as testing analyses and inspection results. Conflicting or outdated documents can be easily flagged for review or renewal.

For retailers and suppliers

With increasing consumer and retailer focus on the integrity of goods, the Food Trust Documents module helps map the product journey with compliance statuses and supplier credibility.


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