TradeLens container logistics solution

Transform your container logistics by freeing it from legacy data systems, manual document handling and poor visibility

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A smarter way to engage in trade

Reliable information on estimated and actual milestones for your shipments can be hard to come by, and not having the right documents in the hands of the right participants can stop a shipment in its tracks. TradeLens offers a consistent and holistic view of reliable shipment event data and corresponding documents — all delivered directly from participating sources. It’s a single source of truth shared by — and with — permissioned supply chain partners for collective success.

TradeLens ecosystem expands with major carriers

Key steps to resilient global supply chain operations

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A single connected ecosystem

Imagine the various efficiencies that could be achieved if everybody involved in the supply chain was truly on the same page. Now they can be, through TradeLens’ single, secure data-sharing and collaboration platform.

Information made for sharing

Get real-time access to all relevant supply chain data for all involved parties, including key shipping dates, specific information about cargo, related trade documents, sensor readings, customs filings and more.

A platform for innovation

The TradeLens platform champions innovation as an open API environment and promotes the use of standards and the push for interoperability. The platform also supports an Application Marketplace that welcomes third-party development on the platform.

TradeLens digital freight management tools Transport insight

Get dynamically updated transport plans with data from upstream and downstream, keeping you informed of changes that could impact your shipment, while keeping all parties updated.

Document sharing

Quickly access and share digitized trade documents and associated events with your supply chain partners, with an immutable audit trail and crystal-clear version control.

Shipment manager

Easily and securely access TradeLens ecosystem data online so you can effectively manage a powerful supply chain without the costly setups.


Set notifications for your critical shipping and document events, so your teams are alerted to those events immediately on in-house systems or mobile devices.

API integration

TradeLens is integrated through non-proprietary, publicly available APIs that are simple to set up, so you and your partners can quickly share data and expedite trade.

TradeLens eBL

A standard, digital electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer and surrender of original bills of lading.

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Container logistics case studies

Canadian Pacific improving information sharing with blockchain CP’s intermodal shippers can now use TradeLens — a blockchain-based platform — to rapidly and easily transfer container-shipping documents with added security and transparency. Learn how TradeLens helps shippers

Royal Malaysian Customs Department adopts TradeLens The RMCD has joined the blockchain-enabled TradeLens platform to modernize shipping processes, boost efficiency, and create greater transparency and collaboration across supply chains. Learn how TradeLens helps oversee the supply chain

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