What is the Blockchain Accelerator?

The IBM Blockchain Accelerator is a fee-based engagement designed to advance new blockchain network founders towards the goal of a successfully working blockchain solution.

The Accelerator provides guidance, support and technical expertise to guide the development of new blockchain solutions while considering the ecosystem of users and partners who benefit. The Accelerator targets not just technology, but the legal and business considerations of establishing new blockchain networks.

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Which candidates are we looking for?

We are looking for candidates with an interest in constructing a production blockchain network on The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric. The Accelerator will move at a quick pace. We will be looking for strong teams that have the capabilities to deploy a blockchain production network on an accelerated timeline.

Characteristics of founders

We are looking for blockchain network founders to join this program. A founder is the individual or organization that takes the first steps toward implementing a blockchain solution for a business network or consortium. They may possess some of these characteristics:

Founder Vision

The founder has the vision behind their blockchain network and understands the business value that a blockchain solution will bring to its network.

Founder Creates

The founder creates and builds the relationships necessary to form a network.

Founder leads

The founder leads their blockchain network through the definition of governance, trust and economic models for their blockchain network.

What does the Accelerator provide?

Coaching and support from IBM’s Blockchain experts who have contributed to Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer, to help you architect and develop your network to its full capabilities

Access to the IBM Blockchain Platform so that you can get started developing, governing and operating your business network

Access to IBM’s pre-built blockchain software assets to save your team weeks of development effort

Opportunity for co-marketing with IBM to position members of your consortium as technology leaders and promote your blockchain network

Coding and architect reviews to keep your network build moving at a fast pace

Founder learning sessions with curriculum designed to complement your experiences

Design Thinking Workshop in the IBM Bluemix Garage for blockchain to help you explore and design the “to-be” state of your use case process using blockchain

Opportunity for a six week minimum viable product (MVP) build out with the IBM Bluemix Garage for blockchain

What are the Accelerator options?

The program comes in two tiers: Tier 1 is designed for teams ready to build their MVP themselves. Tier 2 is designed for teams ready to build their MVP with IBM's Bluemix Garage for blockchain.

Accelerator options
Features Tier 1 Tier 2
(Program fee: USD 100 thousand) (Program fee: USD 250 thousand)
Design Thinking Workshop
Access to the IBM Blockchain Platform
Access to IBM’s pre-built blockchain software assets
Coaching and support from IBM developers and architects
Engage in a set of learning modules with blockchain experts
Potential to qualify for up to $120 thousand in Bluemix credits
Opportunities for co-marketing with IBM
6 week MVP build out with the IBM Bluemix Garage for blockchain

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