Big Data & Analytics

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Optimize operations, and counter
fraud and threats in your industry

Gain more visibility into your operations. Streamline processes. Make processes more efficient. See how big data and analytics can help organizations in a variety of industries optimize operations and mitigate fraud.




Manage the information overload that is overwhelming intensive care units and focus on the information that matters so clinicians can deliver the best care to every patient.


Video: BDA Marketing - Sprint

Doctors in the Department of Neurosurgery at the UCLA Medical Center use IBM streaming analytics capabilities to cull real-time insights from more than 80,000 data points generated each minute in the critical care unit, so as to proactively identify patients whose conditions show subtle signs of worsening.




Speed the claims process while reducing fraud and unnecessary payouts by using big data and analytics to identify emerging patterns and improve claims outcomes:


Insurance Bureau of Canada used IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities to identify two criminal fraud rings in two weeks; this same exercise had previously taken years to identify and investigate.


Using the predictive analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations, meteolytix GmbH was able to use weather forecast data to accurately anticipate daily sales at individual bakeries.




Ensure that networks are running smoothly and improve quality of service by correlating and analyzing network, service, device and customer information quickly and in real time.


Video: BDA Operations - T-mobile

T-Mobile is using an IBM Big Data & Analytics solution to gain insight across its entire network in seconds, and enhance the veracity of the data flowing through the network to above 99.99 percent.