IBM Spectrum Fusion*

Our container-native storage solution for OpenShift is designed for enterprise customers who need global hybrid cloud data access. These storage services meet the strict requirements for mission critical data. IBM Spectrum® Fusion provides a streamlined way for organizations to discover, secure, protect and manage data from the edge, to the core data center, to the public cloud.


Access data globally

Access globally and reduce unnecessary copies of data.

Accelerate existing data

Accelerate existing data sets to avoid rip-and-replace.

Enterprise storage services

Ensure data resilience, scalability and security for mission-critical data.

Optimize data

Optimize data with life cycle management to help reduce costs.

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI

Innovation to help accelerate business growth and provide a faster path to hybrid cloud. Our solution delivers a single source to manage your container infrastructure and concurrently access global data in the data center or in the cloud.


Speed development

Preconfigured infrastructure to develop cloud native applications faster (DevOps).

Ease operations

All-in-one solution to simplify management with scalability for future growth (ITOps).

Hybrid cloud integration

Improve application collaboration connecting data from the data center to the cloud and bringing more application agility integrating the data center to public cloud resources.

Lower cost of infrastructure

Connects data silos to avoid duplication of data and merges compute and storage to lower infrastructure costs.

Modernize AI workloads

Supports GPU accelerated applications with NVIDIA A100 GPU Nodes and integrate IBM Cloud Paks® to infuse AI across organization.


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