Five good reasons to use RED BOOK

Rely on a trusted source

RED BOOK is the oldest trusted source of drug information in the United States. Through multiple delivery options, RED BOOK content helps identify, analyze and compare over 300,000 drug products. Whether conducting a pricing analysis, substituting a more cost-effective drug, or managing a claims adjudication, RED BOOK helps you quickly answer drug-related questions with information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, nutraceuticals, bulk chemicals and nondrug items.

Everything you need is in one place

RED BOOK covers the full spectrum of current drug pricing and product information in a single, reliable source. It simplifies identification, analysis and comparison of drug and nondrug items and eliminates the need to conduct redundant searches within multiple resources. RED BOOK helps you perform many functions – everything from billing and pricing analysis to competitive market analysis and drug utilization reviews.

Get daily database file updates

Updates to the database files are made daily and maintained in a content management system that accommodates a variety of formats and update frequencies. Files are delivered through a secure download site or on CD-ROM. A schedule for the year is available on the secure download site. For holiday dates, files will be delivered on the next business day. The update and master files are provided to customers via the IBM Watson Health Secure Downloads site according to their update frequency.

Use the Average Wholesale Price as a benchmark

As the healthcare market deals with uncertainty around the future availability of Average Wholesale Price (AWP) as a benchmark, RED BOOK will stay the course and continue to supply this needed information. IBM Watson Health’s policy and methodology on AWP has remained consistent and is available for your review at the following link.

Choose from a variety of deliverables

RED BOOK flat files are available in a variety of extracts and update frequencies to meet your needs. Options range from basic drug-definition data to advanced files that provide additional chemical information for drug utilization review, screening patient profiles and formulary management. Supporting tables included in each flat file deliverable provide a mapping from fields in the drug file(s) to the appropriate code table.

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