One of the largest proprietary US claims databases

IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases consist of three core claims databases, a hospital discharge database and an electronic health record (EHR) database. They also incorporate several linked databases, data sets and files that combine claims data with other patient and employee data.

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Commercial Database

Consists of medical and drug data from employers and health plans for over 203 million individuals annually, encompassing employees, their spouses and dependents who are covered by employer-sponsored private health insurance in the US.

Medicare Supplemental Database

Includes the Medicare-covered portion of payment (represented as Coordination of Benefits Amount or COB), the employer-paid portion and out-of-pocket patient expenses.

Multi-State Medicaid Database

Contains the medical, surgical and prescription drug experience of more than 48 million enrollees from multiple states, including records of inpatient services and admissions, outpatient services and prescription drugs.

Health and Productivity Management (HPM) Database

Access the linked data for the opportunity to combine data on workplace absence, short- and long-term disability, and workers’ compensation with medical/ surgical claims and outpatient drug data.

Benefit Plan Design (BPD) Database

Contains detailed information about benefit plan characteristics for a subset of the health plans represented in the MarketScan Commercial and MarketScan Medicare Supplemental Databases.

Lab Results Database

A linked claims-lab results database that includes outpatient drug data and enrollment and laboratory test results.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Database

A claims-HRA linked data set that provides specialized data to evaluate the contribution of patient behaviors to health outcomes, including self-reported data on clinical variables that may otherwise be unavailable.

Dental Database

Integrated medical, drug, and dental databases that link dental claims with medical claims. It is designed to help researchers investigate relationship between dental care, use of pharmaceuticals for oral health, and medical conditions.

Hospital Drug Database

Derived primarily from hospital billing systems, this database provides detailed and comprehensive data available for understanding hospital care, including drug utilization in the inpatient setting.

Weather Database

Offers US claims data linked at the patient-level with geographically segmented weather data to allow researchers to analyze weather-related triggers on specific diseases, and how weather can exacerbate a patient’s condition.

Inpatient Drug Linked Data Set

Helps research the potential effect of an inpatient stay on drug utilization by matching patients from the MarketScan Research Databases and hospital discharge records.