One solution to secure all your organization's data.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data from across the enterprise, providing real-time data activity monitoring and advanced user behavior analytics to help discover unusual activity around sensitive data.
Deploy the solution to help discover regulated data in your data stores and use pre-built templates for regulations such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, CCPA and many more, to streamline and automate compliance workflows.

Uncover internal and external risks

Automates discovery and classification of sensitive data (within databases and data warehouses). Monitors and audits all data activity using cognitive analytics and threat detection analytics.

Enforce security policies in real time

Real-time security policies protect data across the enterprise—for all data access, change control and user activities.

Create a repository for all data

Centralize audit data in a normalized repository—for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics. Safeguard sensitive data across heterogeneous environments.

Key features of IBM Guardium Data Protection for Databases

  • Monitor and audit all data activity
  • Accelerate compliance workflows and audit activities
  • Readily adapt to changes in your data environment
  • Enforce security policies in real time
  • Support heterogeneous environments
  • Integrate with your organization's IT and security ecosystem

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