Weather fronts and lightning shown on world map in IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite software

Reduce weather-related disruption to your business

Weather impacts every business, every day. Minimizing the disruption that it can cause requires more than just gathering weather data. You must employ advanced analytics and intelligent workflows to reimagine processes and better predict how and when weather will impact your assets, employees and customers.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite contains a full range of weather decision support tools, including dashboard visualizations and powerful alerting capabilities, for businesses across many economic sectors. With this integrated suite, companies can harness an extensive set of weather APIs, including current conditions and historical data, on demand from any point on earth. They can also access forecast data on demand, long-range seasonal conditions up to 7 months out, and probabilistic weather APIs for scenario planning. In addition, the geospatial analytics platform within the Environmental Intelligence Suite provides 6 petabytes of analytics-ready data sets to help generate even more hyperlocal insights — so you can plan for and respond to changing weather conditions.

Benefits of Weather Intelligence

Highly accurate forecasts

Experience a state-of-the-science marriage of weather content with both AI and human forecaster interaction — proprietary technology called "human over the loop" forecasting.

Streamlined user experience

Enable greater application accessibility across users with mobile capabilities, intuitive dashboards, maps, charts, alerting and access to weather, earth observations, geospatial data and GPS.

Scalable SaaS solution

Support users across your organization with key functionality that matters to their job roles and easily scales with pricing based on specific application consumption requirements.

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Case studies

Closeup of 18-wheeler on highway

Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation combines weather data, telematics and geolocation data to alert drivers of upcoming weather conditions in real time.

Aerial view of container ship on ocean

XShip Inc.

XShip uses AI and weather data to provide weather intelligence for optimal route planning and fleet management in the shipping industry.

Aerial view of 18-wheeler on highway through snow-covered trees

Desjardins Insurance

As part of its digital transformation, Desjardins Insurance boosted user uptake of its mobile app by enriching it with weather insights.

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