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What is IBM Cloud Pak for Data System?

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IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System is an all-in-one cloud-native data and AI platform in a box that provides a preconfigured, governed and secure environment to collect, organize and analyze data. Built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data System enables you to take advantage of a broad set of data and AI services and integrate them quickly into applications to accelerate innovation.

This hyper-converged system combines storage, compute, networking and software into plug-and-play nodes and speeds private cloud deployment to a matter of hours. A single intuitive dashboard simplifies software and hardware management, and you can benefit from a flexible pay-as-you-go capacity model.

Read this IDC white paper by IBM and Intel to learn how you can accelerate your AI journey and enable faster realization of business insights.


Simplify deployment

Rapidly stand up a new private cloud data and AI platform, behind the firewall, in a matter of hours.

Scale to fit your needs

Get pay-as-you-grow capacity with plug-and-play hardware nodes and an intuitive software app store.

Unify IT asset management

Simplify software and system management with a unified and intuitive dashboard.

Overcome data silos

Seamlessly connect and integrate data across all clouds.

Leverage optimized hardware

Get integrated field-programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware acceleration for AI inference that supports common data and AI use cases and workloads.

Red Hat in a box

Running natively on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data System helps you set up a Red Hat-based private cloud.

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Extend these benefits with an expansion bundle

IBM® Netezza® Performance Server builds on the hyper-converged architecture of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System to provide a cloud native system of insight for your enterprise’s most complex analytics. Using both in-database analytics and hardware acceleration, Netezza Performance Server can help you tackle your most difficult geospatial and machine-learning queries, returning insights in minutes rather than hours or days.

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Learn why Netezza Performance Server is the leading enterprise data warehouse.

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Netezza Performance Server features summary

Easy migration

Fully compatible with IBM PureData® System for Analytics, Netezza Performance Server enables single-command frictionless migration of your existing Netezza workload within minutes.

More performance for less

Netezza Performance Server can achieve 3X the performance of legacy PDA with just 20% of the footprint and 50% of the power consumption.*

Built for today, ready for tomorrow

Running on Red Hat OpenShift, Netezza Performance Server is managed by Kubernetes containers, deployed through microservices and serviceable through call-home to IBM support.

Blazing fast and perfect for machine learning

Enjoy the same performance you’ve come to know from Netezza, now enhanced with in-database machine learning models, hardware acceleration and optimized high-performance analytics.

Scalable and elastic

Greatly reduce setup time with autodiscovery of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. The system lets you flexibly expand or reduce compute and storage through plug-and-play nodes.

Bring AI to Netezza

Netezza Performance Server runs on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. This capability lets you expand your Netezza workload with advanced data and AI services on premises using IBM Data Virtualization, IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog and more.

Learn how to support all your data and AI needs

Do you have a cohesive data strategy and architecture to support all your data and AI needs? Read the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System solution brief to learn how you can quickly scale and deploy a complete private cloud in a matter of hours, for your enterprise data and AI architecture.

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