Feature spotlights

Save resources and reduce waste

Deliver a personalized and attentive experience that is entirely self-service. Automate the flow of room maintenance and energy usage based on real-time data from each room.

Deliver personalized guest experiences

Enable hotel guests to control the room with their voice, ask about local information and attractions, and receive suggestions based on their personal preferences.

Use data to better serve your guests

Develop profiles and understand sentiment and mood, as well as segment guests in new ways such as by habits and travel plans.

Increase loyalty and drive app adoption

Improve the guest experience, as more information is gathered about them and their preferences carry over to other franchise locations. Use apps to enable remote control of room settings.

Upsell services

Be proactive and use personalization to better choose and time your offerings for guests, increasing success. Ease of use can help guests choose the voice experience rather than their mobile. This experience is fully controlled by the hotel, driving guests to the most valuable venues and services.

Bringing a personal concierge to your hotel experience

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