What the IBM TS4500 tape library can do for your business

IBM® TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help midsized and large enterprises respond to cloud storage challenges. These challenges include high data volume growth in cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, increasing cost of storage footprints, the difficulty of migrating data across vendor platforms, and the increased complexity of IT training and management as staff resources shrink.
IBM TS4500 Tape Library

Enable flexible growth

Leverage flexibility that enables the library to grow from both the right and the left side of the first L frame since models can be placed in any active position.

Support capacity on demand

Utilize support for entry-level, intermediate and base-capacity configurations.

Utilize dynamic storage management

Use the Advanced Library Management System to support dynamic storage management, enabling users to create and change logical libraries and configure any drive into any logical library.

Increase overall system availability

Help increase mount performance and overall system availability with dual robotic accessors.

Gain file-level access to data

Access data at the file-level without the need for proprietary applications. IBM TS4500 supports IBM Spectrum Archive with IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology.

Upgrade with a flexible path

Provide a flexible upgrade path for users who want to expand their tape storage as their needs grow.

Key features of the IBM TS4500 Tape Library

  • Uncompressed data storage in a single frame
  • Policy-based automatic media verification
  • Data encryption and WORM media
  • Support for multiple tape drive combinations
  • IBM Spectrum Archive support
  • Compatibility with the latest IBM LTO® Ultrium® technology
  • Optional 5U or 10U of rack space available above the library
  • Supports most open-system servers including IBM Z®

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