IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps sustain digital trust

Digital identity protection and authentication

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect analyzes the full context behind each user to help organizations transparently differentiate between legitimate and malicious users.

Digital identity trust scoring

Fraud analysis, authentication and visibility are combined into crime logic to provide a single, digital identity trust score. This data helps enable fraud analysts to customize policies and deploy countermeasures.

Device identification and intelligence

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps provide device identification through the use of device characteristics and a global device identifier.

Global threat intelligence

IBM Trusteer has a dedicated security research team that continually analyzes data from 45 billion worldwide events per month to uncover new threats. As the team discovers those new threats, protections against them are automatically added and deployed to provide immediate protection for your customers.

Behavioral biometric capabilities

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect incorporates behavioral biometrics, patented analytics, AI and machine learning for a real-time, cognitive approach to fraud detection. Behavioral biometric capabilities help seamlessly authenticate users by building models based on patterns of mouse movements, keyboard typing, and mobile touchscreen swipes in real time and analyzing patterns against learned user behavior and known fraud patterns.

Malware detection

The IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect engine can correlate a wide range of critical fraud indicators—including phishing attacks, malware infections, compromised credentials and advanced evasion methods. It does this using enhanced device, geolocation and transactional modeling to help detect fraudulent activities.

Agile architecture

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect’s agile architecture uses cloud-based technologies to help detect, analyze, build and deploy countermeasures for new and emerging threats. Organizations can also receive application-aware defenses specifically tailored to their needs and the threats they face. This capability can help further increase detection accuracy and reduce operational costs.

Cross digital visibility and control

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps provide threat intelligence visibility and control over your customers’ journeys in real-time. This can allow organizations to create an adaptive user experience, enhancing the customer journey while managing risk.

Customer case studies

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Trust never sleeps — how AI can stop bank fraud

Leading South Florida Bank
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How to outsmart bank fraud with real-time cybersecurity

Banco Santander
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How customers use it

  • Help fuel digital transformation


    Security is too often a barrier to the digital transformation. Traditional security measures, like passwords, can add friction to the digital journey, creating a risk of abandonment and churn.


    IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect multi-layered assessments analyze context across network, device, environment, and user behavior to validate registered users transparently while protecting against malicious access.

  • Help build a frictionless customer experience

    Help build a frictionless customer experience


    Complex digital security can drive away business, but too much convenience has risks.


    IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect can help assess user and session risk, allowing you to streamline the onboarding or login experience for low-risk users to help reduce abandonment and the use of high-cost customer service channels.

  • Help reduce the overall cost of fraud

    Help reduce the overall cost of fraud


    The fraud landscape is constantly changing, as malicious users become more sophisticated. Fraud causes both direct and indirect losses, including the cost of remediation, reimbursement, and the damage to brand reputation.


    IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect can help you understand the context of end-user interactions and patterns across digital channels. Detect unauthorized users and malicious intent.

  • Help maintain compliance and industry standards

    Help maintain compliance and industry standards


    Compliance with regulatory requirements, such as FFIEC, PSD2, open banking and instant payments requires strong customer authentication.


    IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect can help offer strong authentication using device identification to provide "something you have." Detect fraud in real-time. Manage risk and its mitigation. Protect One-Time Password (OTP) sent by SMS.

Technical details

Software requirements

There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud-based solution.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud-based solution.

      Technical specifications

      There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud based solution. From an end-user perspective, recent versions of popular browsers and operating systems are fully supported. Please view the link for more information about Trusteer supported platforms.

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