Feature spotlights

Flexible, near-universal connectivity

IBM MQ integrates with a mix of different applications with support for multiple platform configurations, including industry-standard JMS messaging, scalable publish-subscribe (pub-sub) and a choice of application programming interfaces (API). It offers options for integrated managed file transfer and connectivity to mobile devices through a single messaging layer. IBM Integration Bus adds intelligent routing and information flow modeling to the IBM MQ messaging backbone.

Secure message delivery

IBM MQ assures delivery of information with the highest quality of service. It helps to ensure that real-time information is available and accessible from anywhere, any time. If the network fails, it provides reliable delivery, without message loss, duplication or complex recovery. Additional encryption is included on MQ Advanced, MQ Appliance and on some MQ on z/OS offerings.

Dynamic scaling

IBM MQ is a highly scalable, flexible solution that allows rapid response to changes. It reduces the need to modify code in the applications. MQ addresses evolving workloads and requirements for new mobile and cloud deployments. It offers fully automated failover and is highly available. Clustering provides dynamically distributed messaging workloads. In addition, MQ has high throughput, low-latency and includes support for Multicast.

Simplified management and control

Deploying the full set of IBM MQ capabilities in distributed environments is handled by a single installation process. A single dashboard view allows visibility and tracking of messages and files for gaining insights. The software includes a quick audit of the movement of data and completion of transactions. Application integration tasks are simplified by using a function-rich application development interface with full code access for development.

A unified messaging solution

The cost and effort associated with managing multiple solutions is reduced with IBM MQ. Application design and maintenance are simplified, reducing integration costs and time. The cost of bridging applications is also decreased through a rich set of connectivity functions. In addition, a wide choice of simple API options eliminates the need to write complex communications code, helping save more time and money.

Customer case study

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University Medical Center Freiburg accelerates integration

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