Perfect time to upgrade

IBM PureData is reaching end-of-support in the summer of 2019. Now is the perfect time to upgrade and IBM has the options to meet your needs. The IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS) is the next generation appliance built for high performance and petabyte scalability, driving a new level of data insights and machine learning. Or if you are interested in moving directly to the cloud consider the IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud (Db2WoC). Db2WoC provides an elastic, fully-managed data warehouse service that is powered by IBM BLU Acceleration technology for increased performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale.

Ease of portability of PureData to IAS

Run your existing Netezza based application with little or no change. Most customers will achieve up to 90-95 % compatibility. IBM offers the tools to address and convert any incompatibilities.

Db2WoC compatibility with Netezza

Nearly all of your Netezza workloads will move seamlessly over to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. For the select few edge cases, we offer free tooling to help you make a smooth transition.

Hands on upgrade services

For existing PureData/Netezza customers, who want hands-on-keyboard help, IBM offers scope services specializing in upgrading to IAS. Experts work with you from planing through testing and acceptance.

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