Feature spotlights

Accelerate application environment deployment

With IBM® PureApplication®, you can use application patterns to avoid time-consuming manual tasks that may introduce errors. A pattern captures configurations, scripts and VM images into an executable object that is used to deploy the same environment repeatedly. The patterns contain application environment models and best practices aggregated over hundreds of deployments. A Virtual Pattern Kit (PureApplication software for developers download) enables you to extend or customize patterns.

Simplify application lifecycle management

With IBM PureApplication you can simplify management and operations of deployed application environments through policies that reduce manual monitoring and intervention. You can define a set of policies that correspond to the service level agreements (SLA) you wish to achieve. Further, it is possible to automatically monitor application workload demand, fine-tune prioritization and adjust resource allocation to meet your defined policies.

Divide and isolate physical resources through cloud groups

With IBM PureApplication you can limit resources allocated to a particular user or group. Isolate applications or stages (for example, dev or test versus production) or internal networks between cloud groups. You can automate rebalancing based on priority. In addition, you can establish cloud group types: dedicated physical cores and average physical cores.

Automate scaling for fast response during use spikes

Achieve smooth response times under load. IBM PureApplication offers vertical, horizontal and combination options for scaling patterns to address demand spikes. You can base decisions to scale a pattern on user-specified policies and use vertical and horizontal scaling on vApp and vSys patterns.

Use encryption support to improve application security

With IBM PureApplication you can ensure security of your data at rest with integrated encryption capability and enable file system encryption for all or part of your application’s data. It supports any virtual system or virtual application pattern integrated or external key managers. In addition, it offers multiple options for underlying encryption technology.

Distribute costs with chargeback and manage users and groups

Perform internal chargeback by generating a report with one or more metrics: user, group or instance. You can then export the report as a spreadsheet for cost calculation. In addition, you can restrict access to resources such as individual patterns and specific pools of hardware, storage and IP addresses. Restrict rights such as create/modify pattern and deploy pattern. You can also report use for showback/chargeback.

Deploy app environments across hybrid cloud landscapes

This software allows you to execute repeatable patterns for fast, seamless and reliable deployments on or off premises. It quickly delivers hybrid and multi-cloud implementations. You can host normal workloads in a private cloud and use a public cloud to handle workload spikes, or host an application in a public cloud and use a secure private cloud for the underlying database. It enables multiple cloud landscapes to remain distinct, and provides interoperability of workloads.

Run cloud services, applications and more on a single system

This software supports cloud-native workloads that run on IBM Bluemix® local and cloud-enabled middleware workloads that run on PureApplication software. It offers open pattern automations built with Heat automate provisioning, managing and monitoring. It provides a scalable infrastructure, including hardware optimized by workloads, virtualized storage and efficient networking. In addition, you have a unified management console for administrators and application deployment.

Improve governance for IBM and non-IBM software

With IBM PureApplication, you can produce license use reports that meet sub-capacity licensing requirements. This software prevents license overages by optionally taking action when a requested deployment would exceed entitlement. It supports the following license metrics: Processor Value Unit (PVU), Virtual Instance/VM, Compute Node/Physical Server and Processor Core.

Backup and restore and achieve single rack high availability

This software offers high granularity to backup and restore systems management and configuration data. It provides redundant hardware components throughout and high availability (HA) management systems. It also supports automatic recovery of workloads within an HA cloud group. In addition, it provides HA patterns for single rack redundancy.

Use multi-system deployment and larger subdomains

IBM PureApplication allows you to increase the size of deployment subdomains from two to four racks. You can enable a deployed instance to grow on to a system where VMs were not initially deployed. Prior versions were limited to adding VMs in place. You can link shared services across externally managed environment profiles and manage subdomain mirror locations. In addition, you can allow instance scale-out to deploy VMs into newly added systems.

How customers use it

  • Tangerine Bank—Technology to make banking simple


    Tangerine wanted to coordinate their infrastructure with development to lead in banking innovation.


    Tangerine looked to the IBM PureApplication system, gaining the ability to quickly test, build and deploy new applications—delivering superior customer service by shaving 4 weeks off of a 6-week mobile app delivery cycle.

  • Blue Shield of California speeds healthcare law compliance


    Blue Shield of California needed to re-build its customer portal to meet changing customer and legal requirements.


    IBM PureApplication system simplified and sped deployments while providing the ability to grow and shrink resources on demand.

  • ASE improves sales retention with mobile on PureApplication


    To differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace, ASE wanted to improve its responsiveness and agility by replacing its aging software platform.


    Using IBM PureApplication Service with other IBM solutions, ASE can more quickly attend to customers’ needs without having to invest significant resources in hardware setup or maintenance.

  • Building agile systems to quickly deliver products to market


    After several mergers, Hong Leong Bank faced challenges in delivering products on time.


    Hong Leong Bank uses IBM PureApplication system on IBM Power® to speed application delivery time from 3.5 months to 2 weeks. The greater efficiency and agility creates a competitive advantage and boosts customer satisfaction.