Feature spotlights

Robust and holistic risk offering on cloud

Increase scalability, capacity and flexibility with a cloud enabled risk service solution. Process large volumes of data and run multiple simulations across various instruments, scenarios and time steps. Highly trusted and secure SaaS platform. Built for all of an enterprise's applications with an API driven micro services approach.

Advanced risk analytics and data in a single solution

Extensive coverage of asset classes, risk factors and investment strategies in developing risk perspectives. Aggregate various data types from multiple sources. Risk functions include comprehensive simulation-based risk and return measures as well as analytical calculations at instrument, portfolio, benchmark and enterprise levels. Packaged data covers a wide range of market and credit data. Perform stress testing, scenario modeling and optimization across data sets.

Lower total cost of ownership

A managed risk service without the infrastructure costs and maintenance efforts of a full on-premise solution. Flexible cost structure with a consumption based pricing approach enables greater costs management control as marginal costs decreases as simulation size increases. Rapid deployment reduces overall costs and deployment risks without compromising on performance.

Efficient turn-key capabilities

Minimize effort and customize where required with a pre-configured solution. Choose from a range of standardized features and functionalities while having the flexibility to extend capabilities. Integrated risk framework with automated data linkage enables increased connectivity and extensibility of the solution. Reduce time in generating reports with easily configurable templates.

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