IBM OMEGAMON for Networks on z/OS highlights

Easier problem resolution

Get better problem analysis and increased problem resolution functions with enhanced 3270 UI near term historical display support. IBM® OMEGAMON for Networks on z/OS® is designed to perform real-time and historical problem analysis on your networking resources in a single interface.

Improved network functionality

Find network resources quickly with the FIND command for easier use. You can debug network issues faster with PING, NSLOOKUP, and TRACERTE commands.

Better navigation

Use the NETWORK (or NETMENU), VTAM (or VTAMMENU), TCPIP (or TCPIPMENU) and OSA commands to improve your navigation.

Identify issues with monitoring agents

Identify issues with your monitoring agents by using the HEALTH command to navigate to the Enterprise Mainframe Networks Health workspace.

Enhanced 3270 UI workspaces

Take advantage of an expanded list of 3270 UI workspaces to use including: Enterprise Mainframe Networks Health, Enterprise TCPIP and VTAM Overview, TCPIP Address Space Details, VTAM Address Space Details, VTAM Buffer Pools and VTAM Buffer Pool Details.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the link below for the latest software requirements.

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements are outlined by version in the software requirements link.

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