Reasons why you should use IBM MarketScan Research Databases

One of the most extensive databases for research

IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases is a suite of proprietary databases that contain one of the longest-running and largest collection of privately and publicly insured, de-identified patient data in the United States. MarketScan claims data reflect the real world of treatment patterns and costs by tracking millions of patients as they travel through the healthcare system (even as they switch health plans).

The ability to capture the full continuum of care

MarketScan provides complete episodes of care support which allows for more inclusive cost and treatment studies and development of benefit and treatment plans. The databases cover: physician office visits, hospital stays, retail, mail order, specialty pharmacies and carve-out care, such as mental health services.

Linked data for enhanced research

MarketScan can link healthcare data from a variety of sources, including: 1) Hospital discharge records and Electronic Medical Records linked with claims data at the patient level. 2) Data on absenteeism, disability and workers’ compensation – all linked to the corresponding employee’s claims. 3) Linked mortality data: Essential for research in disease areas such as oncology. 4) Custom linking of MarketScan claims to customers’ patient registry, laboratory or other patient-level data.

Detailed prescription drug information

MarketScan databases contain comprehensive information on outpatient prescriptions. Through the MarketScan Early View Data Set, data are available within 45 days of the end of the service month, with monthly or quarterly updates. MarketScan data allow identification of the type of disease from medical claims. The data can be used to determine whether clinical, demographic or provider characteristics influence prescribing patterns.

High-quality coding

MarketScan claims data feature comprehensive and high-quality coding. Examples include: 1) Fully paid and adjudicated claims. 2) Complete payment or charge information, including the amount that is the patient’s responsibility. 3) Complete outpatient services and prescription drug information – including patient copayments, mail order prescriptions, information about injectable treatments, data from specialty pharmacies and carve-out services and more. 4) Chronic condition benchmarking reports.

Numerous and widely published research applications

MarketScan-based research has been used in more than 1,800 peer-reviewed journal articles. MarketScan data have supported a range of health services research conducted by government, academic and private researchers.