IBM Z can be a key enabler of your journey to cloud

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation for your applications and ultimately your journey to cloud. The challenges you face with managing it can become a major road block on that journey. Managed Extended Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) reduces or removes obstacles such as cost, lack of technology currency and skills retention. You can run mission-critical workloads in a cloud environment with access to the latest mainframe technology and expertise while shifting from a capital expense model to an operational expense model. Your focus can shift from IT management headaches to the business opportunities created in the cloud.

Easily scale applications

Scale compute resources as needed with consumption-based pricing supporting traditional workloads as well as evolving cloud-native needs.

Reduce risk your business

Satisfy security and compliance requirements while realizing the benefits of the availability and performance built in to the IBM Z platform.

Reduce total cost of computing

Leverage standard services provided on a multi-tenant infrastructure for software, server, disk and tape.

Enable your journey to cloud

Modernize using a world-class managed service environment built for the hybrid cloud and optimized by IBM mainframe experts .

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