Refine test data management, accelerate application delivery

Organizations depend on critical applications to drive results and many use agile methodologies to quickly deliver reliable functionality. IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Test Data Management helps organizations to optimize and automate processes that create and manage non production environment data. Using effective, efficient testing strategies Optim Test Management helps to rapidly identify problems reducing the risks that flawed test data and inaccuracies introduce, leading to application failure. It helps to improve every stage of the application testing process.

Create production-like test environments

Optim help you to create right sized fictionalized test databases that reflect your business processes. Costly cloning is minimized so you can address defects early in the development process.

Use a single, scalable solution

Optim test data management solution scales along with your development and testing requirements and across commonly used applications, databases, operating systems, and hardware platforms.

Protect sensitive data, reduce risk

Sensitive data such as, credit card numbers, email addresses and confidential corporate information can be masked to protect it from misuse and fraud while retaining contextual meaning.

Streamline processes

Optim supports agile requirements for development and testing, enabling developers and testers to access and refresh data on demand improving operational efficiency while providing more time to test.

Key features

  • Manages data at the business-object level
  • Data analysis capabilities
  • Enforce test data management policies
  • Automate data comparisons and analyze results

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