Mitigate the risk of a security breach

IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Data Privacy provides extensive capabilities to effectively mask sensitive data across non-production environments, such as development, testing, QA or training. To protect confidential data this single offering provides a variety of transformation techniques that substitute sensitive information with realistic, fully functional masked data. Examples of the masking techniques include substrings, arithmetic expressions, random or sequential number generation, date aging, and concatenation. The contextually accurate masking capabilities help masked data retain a similar format to the original information.

Mask confidential data on demand

Apply a range of masking techniques on demand to transform personally identifying information and confidential corporate data in applications, databases and reports.

Reduce risk, improve governance

Data masking features help you to prevent misuse of information by masking, obfuscating, and privatizing personal information that is disseminated across non-production environments.

Quickly implement regulations

Predefined actionable data privacy classifications and rules help you to speed data privacy implementation initiatives and provide a method to report on compliance.

A safe sandbox for testing

Substitute test environments with realistic, fictionalized data, creating a safe environment for application testing that more accurately reflects end-to-end business processes.

Key features

  • Data transformation techniques
  • Data privacy components
  • Compliance with data privacy laws
  • Format Preserving Encryption (FEP)
  • Enterprise data masking solution
  • Predefined data privacy reports

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