Archiving capabilities to achieve business results

IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Archive is a scalable solution that can help organizations manage and support their database archiving strategies. It can help to control growing data volumes and associated storage costs while improving application performance and minimizing the risk associated with data retention and compliance. Whether applied to packaged or custom applications or data warehouse environments, Optim Archive can provide benefits to both IT groups and business units enabling them to intelligently archive and manage historical data throughout its lifecycle.

Improve data lifecycle management

Management tools help you to consolidate or retire legacy and redundant applications. Archiving expedites application upgrades by reducing the amount of data to be migrated.

Data retention compliance programs

Optim Archive enables you to apply business policies that govern data retention, access and disposal. With a retention policy you can confidently delete archived data when retention needs expire.

Control and manage data growth

By applying advanced archiving capabilities for structured data Optim Archive provides better data control and helps to reduce hardware storage and maintenance costs.

Key features

  • Application-independent access methods
  • Consumption-based reporting
  • Establish distinct service levels
  • Support for enterprise environments

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