What IBM IMS Index Builder for z/OS can do for your business

IMS™ Index Builder for z/OS® allows IMS primary and secondary indexes and IMS HALDB Indirect List Data Sets to be rebuilt easily. It enables you to build or rebuild IMS secondary indexes, Hierarchical Indexed Direct Access Method (HIDAM) primary indexes and Indirect List Data Sets (ILDS).

Using a number of specialized sorting techniques and parallel processing, it streamlines index creation, reorganization, maintenance and recovery. It creates multiple indexes in one job step and allows you to rebuild IMS indexes – rather than recover or reorganize them using the traditional unload and reload processes used for the primary data store.

IMS Index Builder for z/OS

Uses superior technology

Provides advanced technology for IMS Index recovery, maintenance, and creation.

Minimizes time

Substantially reduces processing time compared to traditional methods.

Streamlines processes

Eliminates the need to image copy index data sets.

Simplifies setup

Provides easy-to-use front-end for setup.

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  • Minimizes elapsed time while maximizing availability
  • Speeds work with parallel processes
  • Supports a variety of databases
  • Integrated with many IMS database administration processes
  • Provides statistical reports and sorts processing functions
  • Offers advanced architecture and components

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