Boost the performance of your Fast Path databases

The IBM® IMS™ Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS® software provides extensive and easy-to-use utilities to help database administrators (DBAs) analyze, maintain and tune IMS databases, including features that help boost system availability. Several IMS products, including IMS High Performance Image Copy, IMS Library Integrity Utilities, IMS HP Fast Path Utilities and IMS DB Repair Facility are integrated into a single consolidated solution for managing IMS Fast Path databases. The Autonomics Director helps maintain the health, performance and recoverability of databases. IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2® for z/OS simplifies management.

Utilize high performance utilities

Leverage a complete set of high performance utilities to load, unload, reorganize, verify and report on Fast Path databases.

Manage maintenance and performance

Use the Autonomics Director to help DBAs maintain the health, performance and recoverability of IMS Fast Path databases and identify any potential problems.

Perform time-consuming tasks efficiently

Use “Diagnosis for DEDB areas health” and its diagnosis reports to help make time-consuming database reorganization tasks more efficient.

Ensure DB integrity

Ensure database integrity and correct pointer problems by using advanced technology, including high performance Image Copy, that provides utilities for managing IMS libraries.

Manage IMS libraries effectively

Leverage a comprehensive set of utilities that help you manage IMS libraries, ensure database integrity and correct pointer problems.

Automate monitor and maintenance

Automate monitoring and maintenance tasks with the Autonomics Director. Use the Autonomics Director scheduler or an external job scheduler to arrange data collection and database evaluations.

Included with IMS Fast Path Solution Pack

  • Autonomics Director
  • IMS Database Repair Facility
  • IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool
  • IMS Fast Path Basic Tools
  • IMS Fast Path Online Tools
  • IMS High Performance Image Copy
  • IMS Library Integrity Utility
  • IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2 for z/OS

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