What IMS Database Value Unit Edition can do for business

The IBM® IMS™ Database Value Unit Edition (IMS DB VUE), based on the IBM IMS 15 solution, provides a database environment scaled to support eligible workloads. Offered with a one-time charge (OTC) price model, the IMS DB VUE environment presents a cost-effective way to manage business growth. The IMS DB VUE solution can only be used to support new applications or workloads on IBM Z® systems that are deployed in qualified Z systems New Application License Charge (zNALC) logical partition (LPARs).
IMS Database Value Unit Edition

Grows with your needs

Highly scalable and available, IMS Database VUE supports growth for expanding enterprise mobile and analytics workloads.

Performance & workload management tools

Based on the resilient and flexible IBM IMS 14 solution IMS Database VUE combines proven IMS performance and workload management capabilities for efficiency improvements.

Data sharing efficiencies

IMS Database VUE gives IMS data sharing clients cost-effective access to IMS data for new Java® or SQL workload applications.

Control costs

One-time charge pricing means you only pay for the solution once, when you acquire it.

IMS Database Value Unit Edition for z/OS features

  • Highly available and scalable
  • Proven performance and workload management
  • Cost effective access for new Java® or SQL applications
  • Flexibility and cost control across the z/OS platform