Manage IMS administrative tasks with a single tool

IBM® IMS™ Administration Tool centralizes the control of key functions for IMS database administrators, giving you the tools you need to manage IMS DBD and PSB resources. IMS Administration Tool includes reports on IMS catalog space usage that help you compare catalog contents to your current ACB libraries. You can also issue IMS commands, generate simple, task-based JCL for IMS maintenance, and run SQL statements to access your IMS data. All of this is available in one tool through a graphical web user interface or a traditional ISPF interface.

Reports that help you manage IMS catalog

A dashboard to highlight catalog space utilization and show you the current state of your active and pending catalog libraries, including one-click access to all of your IMS PSBs and DBDs.

Catalog and ACB library analysis

Compare your IMS catalog and ACB libraries, exposing details that enable you to pinpoint discrepancies quickly.

Copybook support

Perform mass import and export of objects to and from the IMS catalog, interactively or scheduled through batch.

IMS object reports and validations

Detailed information on IMS objects helps you view, add, and change DBDs and PSBs, as well as create and model new objects after existing objects.

Support for type-1 and type-2 commands

You can execute type-1 and type-2 commands and review responses. You can also store commands if a system is unavailable, and issue them upon IMS restart.

Interface with ISPUFI

Enter, run, and review SQL commands and output.

IBM IMS Administration Tool for z/OS features

  • Object management
  • Catalog adoption and management
  • Utility JCL generation
  • IMS command processing
  • Auditing, event recording, and diagnostics

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