Feature spotlights

Optimize performance and task management

Highlight priorities and walk through projects step-by-step. Highlight important, time-sensitive tasks to improve efficiency. Facilitate a practical, “day in the life” approach to performance management processes. See performance metrics and KPIs in their full context, with charts, graphs and tables to convey trends and patterns quickly.

Improve team collaboration

Collaborate to optimize team-based decisions through an interface that facilitates commentary and dialog. Adopt the model design and data access method best suited to the specific business process needs of your users.

Mobile enabled

View “Activity streams” that alert you to changes and collaborative insights as they occur, so prioritized tasks can be acted upon sooner. Gain access to relevant information from anywhere at any time—from home, to the warehouse, to the customer’s site. Engage remote and distributed users through a range of mobile devices, including Android and Apple smart phones.

Cloud deployable

Deploy over the cloud to support a wide range of users, locations, and working styles. Free the IT organization from the burden of maintaining hardware and installing software upgrades. Add or remove users as needed while minimizing the cost of IT infrastructure. Accelerate time-to-value and lower adoption costs.