What IBM Communication Server for Windows can do for you

IBM® Communication Server for Windows® enables you to create an integrated enterprise-wide network with a mix of operating systems and computer hardware to connect business resources over wide geographic areas.

IBM Communication Server for Windows is designed for enterprises with a Windows environments and e-business potential. Customers and business partners are able to build client/server applications independent of networking protocol or hardware. This high-performance, high-quality communications solution runs on multiprotocol or multiple networks, or can extend SNA applications over TCP/IP networks.

IBM Communications Server for Windows

Improve data security

Gain more security over the Internet/Intranet while improving network availability.

Save money

Use Branch Extender or Enterprise Extender advanced networking technologies to implement more cost-effective networks.

Expand network availability

Consolidate or change the backbone networks with SNA 3270 host access to TCP/IP users via TN3270E. SNA host access to any Java®-enabled web browser.

Increase accessibility

Access data from virtually anywhere using familiar interfaces and protocols.