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Private Cloud Storage: What to consider when choosing a vendor

Organizations need to know what to look for when choosing a vendor.

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Private Cloud Storage: Improve your business agility

A scaled and flexible private cloud storage solution that’s managed as-a-service (STaas) can reduce costs.

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Private Cloud Storage: Giving data a new home

A dedicated storage cloud, that’s managed as-a-service, offering additional benefits such as scalable data tiers.

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ESG: Offload Complexity with On-premises Storage-as-a-service

Read the solution showcase presented by Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, ESG.

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IBM Cloud Private Storage

Realize as-a-ser vice benefits with a managed, dedicated storage cloud

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A New model for Storage as a Service - IBM Cloud Private Storage

IBM Cloud Private Storage is fully-managed dedicated hosted storage cloud — installed on-premises or in an IBM data center.

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