Delivers advanced data encrypting and decrypting

IBM Guardium Data Encryption for Db2 and IMS Databases provides data encryption for Db2 for IBM z/OS and IMS data systems. It uses IBM System z cryptographic hardware to protect sensitive data at the Db2 row level and IMS segment level. Guardium Data Encryption delivers advanced data encrypting and decrypting capabilities for data security, privacy and low overhead. Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) front-end and exit drivers optimize efficiency, encryption and compression capability.

Advanced data encryption and decryption

Provides Db2 edit routines and IMS exit routines using the z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility to protect sensitive data on storage media.

Offers an ISPF front end

Allows you to create and customize encryption, external compression and exit drivers. Permits compression and encryption at the same exit point to avoid affecting existing compression capability.

Reduces cost

Allows faster implementation through standard Db2 and IMS exit routines used during database reload.

Safely use storage area networks

Enables you to safely use storage area networks while complying with international privacy and security regulations.

Transparent encryption routines

Provides encryption routines that are transparent to applications accessing the databases, requiring no application changes. Offers the capability to specify encryption keys.