Transform the public’s expectations of government

Governments need to digitally transform to deliver services citizens want and need. The public expects government technology solutions to have the same agility and efficiency found in the public sector.

Seventy five percent

75% of government leaders say traditional business models are not sustainable in the current environment. 

Industry segments and solutions

Social programs

Improve the lives of those in need with AI-enabled government solutions for social programs management.

Infrastructure and citizen services

IoT, analytics and AI infuse insights into transportation, facilities and local economies.

Defense and intelligence

Government technology uses AI, analytics, security and hybrid cloud to improve mission readiness and operations.

Borders, customs and immigration

Drive innovation in customs, borders and global trade with cognitive AI computing and blockchain.

Public safety and policing

Discover intelligence led government technology solutions to help reduce crime and protect citizens.

Tax and revenue management

Government solutions utilize AI and your data to minimize fraud and optimize revenue.

Success stories

Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico

Gains IT resiliency to weather any storm with a continuous availability solution built on IBM® Z® technology.

Sonoma County

Helps improve citizens’ lives, from emergency disaster response to homelessness to healthcare.

The Port of Rotterdam

Creates a seamless journey with smart infrastructure that connects its physical and digital worlds.

Expert insights

Governments worldwide are at an inflection point in terms of rising citizen expectations, decreasing budgets, a soon-retiring workforce, and outdated infrastructure. IBM Global Government Industry General Manager Julia Glidden explains how UAE is using AI, IoT, and blockchain to deliver personalized services that are seamlessly blended into everyday life.

IBM Technology

The nature of trust is evolving, and governments can transform citizen services with powerful technology.

Cyber Security

Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.


Support secure data management, appropriate access, and data privacy with IBM Cloud™.


Build trusted experiences for citizens and constituents with a connected IBM Z® for government mainframe platform.

Artificial intelligence

Use unstructured data to detect patterns, recommend solutions, and improve decision making.

Internet of Things

Tap in to real-time data sources for insights that can help improve citizens’ lives.

Trends and News

Accessibility on the go

Learn how smart technology powered by IoT helps provide independence to those with limited mobility.

Can traffic lights be intelligent?

Discover how AI can capture and analyze video data to make traffic lights smarter on a street level.

A Strange Exchange: brain science and public safety

One person studies how brains work. The other is a public safety expert. Their conversation? How to change the world.

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