October 11, 2019


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Let's put smart to work

We are at the beginning of Chapter 2 of digital reinvention. What does it actually mean for you? For your company? For the society?


Room: Plenary

IBM and Red Hat

The recent acquisition puts IBM and Red Hat in a unique position to unlock the true value of hybrid cloud for business. By combining the power and flexibility of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies with the scale and depth of IBM’s innovation and industry expertise, clients now have the tools they need to accelerate their cloud journey. Check out how IBM and Red Hat can advance your cloud journey and speed growth and innovation for your business.


Stef Schampaert

Stef Schampaert

BeLux Country & Sales Lead, Red Hat

Stef Schampaert, BeLux Country & Sales Lead, Red Hat, has been in the IT industry for almost 30 years. He started his career at Dell as a Business Development Manager and served as Sales Manager and Country Manager for over 11 years at NetApp. Since 2015, Stef leads the fast-growing Red Hat team in Belgium and Luxembourg

Room: Plenary

Deep Learning Applied

At Robovision, we believe the future is now. There are just not enough people to solve all the world’s problems, but powerful AI tools and gigantic computational resources now help us on the way. During this talk, Jonathan Berte, the founder of Robovision, will take you on a journey on what Artificial Intelligence most powerful breed: Deep Learning, could already offer today and what it might bring in the future.


Bert Jonker

Jonathan Berte

Founder at Robovision.ai

The founder and CEO of Robovision, Jonathan Berte is specialized in applying deep learning algorithms in image processing, robotics programming and automation. He studied engineering applied Physics, magna cum laude (Ghent 2002) and specialized in neuroscience at the ETH Zurich. At Robovision, Jonathan and his team of machine learning experts have developed a fully scalable engine for the deployment of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in applications as diverse as manufacturing, media, security and agriculture. With this solution, Robovision seeks to help enact the paradigm shift needed to embrace the transformative potential of today’s new oil: data. When he’s not in the lab, Jonathan is spending time with his three children, developing AI and blockchain-based solutions to societal challenges such as the refugee crisis or producing music in his home studio

Room: Plenary

Closing – Discover with THE RED LIONS how digital transformation and sport are linked to each other (presentation available)

The closing session of the day by THE RED LIONS will be an insight into the research of Sander Stockbroekx, how you can create high performing organisation in our innovative, compared to the practical experiences of his brother Emmanuel Stockbroekx and his World- and European Champion Hockey Team..


Emmanuel Stockbroekx and Sander Stockbroekx

Emmanuel Stockbroekx

Red Lion Hockey player

World Champion, European Champion and Vice Olympian | Author | Speaker | Transformational Coach Emmanuel has been a professional hockey player since the age of 15. Ever since a young age Emmanuel was highly ambitious, feeling he wanted to commit himself towards the best potential of himself. Emmanuel does not compromise and wants to combine his professional hockey career with a professional business career. Inspiring, motivating and coaching organisations, teams and individuals is what he feels passionate about.

Sander Stockbroekx

Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker

Sander is an ambitious and motivated person who is eager to learn and to develop his entrepreneurial spirit. With substantial experience in managerial teamwork, leadership, strategic planning and creativity and a background in economy, entrepreneurship, Enterprise & IT architecture, Sander is always looking to inspire and motivate extraordinary people and extraordinary organisations.

Room: Plenary


IBM Garage: Speed of Startup – Scale of an Enterprise (presentation available)

IBM Garages helps companies digitally reinvent, while creating cultures of open collaboration and continuous learning. In Garages, IBM professionals sit shoulder-to-shoulder with client employees to develop new ideas, then rapidly test, discard or advance those ideas. In environments designed to be a break from the everyday, traditional silos and barriers are eliminated -- employees are encouraged to learn by doing, fail fast and iterate often, inspiring organizational change and buy-in.


Sarah Bernuit

Sarah Bernuit

Digital Strategy & iX Growth Platform Leader for Europe

A Mum of 3 children, Sarah has over 20 years of experience mixing IT, Consulting and General Management, living in the UK, France and Germany. From managing significant P&L, building digital teams across Europe, delivering to clients from Warsaw to Lisbon, she steers IBM digital boat (iX) by relating to the hearts and minds of clients and employees leveraging Design, Technology & Strategy. A passion of hers is developing young talent and increasing the diversity in IBM’s business.

Room: Silent Theatre

Hybrid, Multicloud by design – managing cloud for digital transformation

Over the past decade, cloud has become integral to nearly every digital, and business transformation strategy, allowing enterprises access to the latest technologies like IoT, high performance computing, and blockchain from virtually any vendor to reimagine business processes and ecosystems and improve experiences. Yet even with this ability to source more innovation and data from more from more places, only 20% of enterprise workloads have moved to date. So what’s next? Modernization of existing, often mission-critical, applications is the next big wave. It requires a well thought-through multi-cloud strategy and roadmap. In this keynote Dennis Lauwers will take you through the challenges in defining and implementing your multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Dennis Lauwers

Dennis Lauwers

Distinguished Engineer Hybrid Cloud Europe, IBM

Dennis has been bringing new technologies to the market, making Europe the leading geography within IBM for IBM Cloud Private and IBM PureApplication. His impact stems from his keen ability to position and explain complex solutions clearly at all levels of a client's organization – business strategy discussions down to hands-on demonstrations. At the same time, he is a vocal advocate for customers, sharing his insights to influence product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies. He has built a strong reputation with the IBM technical community through the creation of solution point of views, architectural assets, enablement material and a community of practice for IBM Cloud Private across business units.

Room: Delvaux

Quantum Risk Assessment (presentation available)

In this presentation we cover the way cryptography is done today and what are its related challenges: e.g. we rely on public-key cryptography which is known to be vulnerable to a potential, future quantum attacker; we know it's hard to change crypto; we know most clients are not ' crypto agile ' . Then, we describe the ways to tackle those challenges: improving the crypto management, the crypto agility as well as the future implementation of ' quantum-safe ' algorithms. We conclude by summarizing IBM's new Quantum Risk Assessment Offering (within the Data & Application Security Competency).


Joachim Schäfer, PhD

Joachim Schäfer, PhD

Managing Security Consultant & IBM Q Ambassador, IBM

Joachim is a security consultant within IBM's European Data and Application Security team with a focus on cryptography. Before joining IBM he worked for a Big 4 delivering security transformation projects for the financial industry and the telecommunication sector. He has done a PhD in Quantum Communication which is why he is passionate about all topics surrounding Quantum, such Quantum Computing, (Post-)Quantum Cryptography, and Quantum Risks.

Room: Van Dijk (1st floor)

Red Hat, the power of Openshift (presentation available)

The recent acquisition puts IBM and Red Hat in a unique position to unlock the true value of hybrid cloud for business. By combining the power and flexibility of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies with the scale and depth of IBM’s innovation and industry expertise, clients now have the tools they need to accelerate their cloud journey. Check out how IBM and Red Hat can advance your cloud journey and speed growth and innovation for your business.


Stef Schampaert

Stef Schampaert

BeLux Country & Sales Lead, Red Hat

Stef Schampaert, BeLux Country & Sales Lead, Red Hat, has been in the IT industry for almost 30 years. He started his career at Dell as a Business Development Manager and served as Sales Manager and Country Manager for over 11 years at NetApp. Since 2015, Stef leads the fast-growing Red Hat team in Belgium and Luxembourg

Kevin Dubois

Kevin Dubois

Senior Solution Architect

Kevin is a highly experienced Application Development and Middleware Architect. He spent about 15 years in the US working for a variety of technology organisations ranging from small startups to large corporations such as Target and has recently returned to his native Belgium. After a short stint working for Sopra Steria servicing the Belgian Ministry of Finance and Smals, he now works at Red Hat as a Senior Solution Architect.

Room: Delvaux

DevOps Culture, Cloud Native, and Continuous Everything! – The Perfect Storm (presentation available)

DevOps is not just a new way of creating software. It is a fundamental shift in culture from one of "command and control", to one of "trust, transparency, and shared responsibility" as foundational pillars. While tools may assist in enforcing good DevOps behavior, tools won't fix your broken culture. In order to harness the speed and agility that DevOps promises, you must change the way that you think, the way you work, the way you are organized, and the way you measure. This talk discusses how the culture of DevOps combined with cloud native technologies, and the adoption of continuous integration and continuous delivery are instrumental in achieving speed and agility with stability and repeatability.


John Rofrano

John Rofrano

Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Watson Research, IBM

John Rofrano is a Senior Technical Staff Member and DevOps Champion at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center where he leads a variety of research projects exploring the use of AI and Machine Learning for accelerating Cloud Migration, automating DevSecOps. He also teaches a masters course on DevOps and Agile Methodologies at New York University Courant Institute, and has authored numerous patents, papers, and books.

Room: Ensor

New trends in Artificial Intelligence: theory and practice (presentation available)

While Artificial Intelligence is considered as a key differentiator for multiple business processes by most of the business and IT decision makers, it is worthwhile to mention that we currently are still within the era of “Narrow AI”. So, are we really evolving to the next step, known as “Artificial General Intelligence” and even “Artificial Super Intelligence”? But also on the short term we see some important trends on the dashboard. This eye-opening session intends to highlight the key AI tendencies, and how they are supported by some state-of-the-art technologies. Next, a subset of AI gets more attention, being Machine Learning. More specifically an increasingly popular approach, Support Vector Machines, is addressed. One of the reasons of its attractiveness is its readiness for Quantum Computing. After a short review of some Quantum Computing basics, the lecture dives deeper into a major trend, the usage of Quantum Support Vector Machines, illustrated with the practical example of the detection of breast cancer cells. In short, this lecture has the ambition to not only tell the public about short term and long term AI progressions, but also demonstrate the practical feasibility of a key tendency already today.


Room: Van Dijk (1st floor)

Eric Michiels

Eric Michiels

Executive Architect, IBM

Eric Michiels is Executive Architect at IBM, covering the Computer Services Industry sector in Belgium and Luxembourg. As Architect, Eric translates business challenges into IT solutions, using traditional and the most recent technologies. Eric has a broad knowledge of multiple Information Technologies, and he has a deep expertise in the area of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Permanent curiosity and innovative thinking are essential characteristics of Eric, and that’s why he is excellently positioned to lecture a “Trends” type of session.

Accelerating the Enterprise Cloud Journey. Thrive in a Multi-Cloud World

Cloud is integral to virtually every organisations' digital transformation strategy. Yet less than 20% of workloads have moved to the cloud. Why? Put simply, complexity. Enterprises are struggling to modernize apps and workloads, and overcome persistent tech and data silos reinforced by vendor lock in. Agile enterprises can accommodate changing business requirements at speed. The right cloud foundation built on open standards frees workloads and data to run on the right cloud model, on or off premises, and across multiple clouds. It embraces tech and data from more sources to speed innovation. And when combined with unique industry, security and tech expertise, it can tailor the journey to cloud to your enterprise for better outcomes.


Colin Thompson

Colin Thompson

EMEA leader, Cloud Provider Partners and Programs – VMware

Colin has over 8 years’ experience within VMware, focused on VMware’sCloud Provider business. For the last 3 years he was appointed Northern EMEA leader, Cloud Provider Partners and Programs, managing a team responsible for over 1,500 Cloud Providers across the Region.
Prior to joining VMware Colin has over 20 years’ experience in sales and management working for Service Providers and Enterprise Software businesses, including collaborating with Service Providers to develop new service offerings and supporting the “go to market” of these new services.

Room: Delvaux

IBM Cloud Paks: create cloud native apps, modernize business applications and run them on any cloud (presentation available)

Beyond containers and Kubernetes, enterprises need to orchestrate their production topology, and to provide management, security and governance for their applications.
IBM Cloud Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that give clients an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud.
Each IBM Cloud Paks runs on Red Hat OpenShift and includes containerized middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer – designed to reduce development time and operational expenses.


Abdoul Gadiri Diallo

Abdoul Gadiri Diallo

Technical sales Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, IBM

Abdoul Gadiri Diallo is an IT Specialist within the Hybrid Cloud Integration Software unit at IBM.
He graduated from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles as an engineer in computer sciences.
His main focus areas include cloud platforms and application integration middleware.

Room: Van Dijk (1st floor)

The Organizational Impact of Devops (presentation available)

DevOps Culture is very different from the corporate culture you may have today. You can't just take the same people and give them new titles and expect that suddenly they will become DevOps. This talk discusses what needs to be done in order to transform an organization from a one of prescriptive process and top-down control; to a culture of, automation, trust, experimentation, and fast feedback loops driven by actionable metrics. DevOps is not something one team does... it is something the whole organization becomes.


Room: Silent Theatre

Enterprise Architecture in the age of a hybrid enterprise – Why VMware on IBM Cloud

Demo how to provision a VMware infrastructure in the cloud and migrate workload to the cloud within 48 hours. Use cases will also be presented in a very interactive way.


Olaf Kuilboer, IBM

Room: Van Dijk (1st floor)

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud powered by IBM Systems (presentation available)

Are you looking to benefit from cloud capabilities (be agile, reduce time to market,...) AND mitigate your risks?
Deliver what your clients and end-users are expecting by putting IBM Systems at the heart of your enterprise hybrid cloud and benefit form higher security & privacy, reliability and performance.


Nicolas Draguez de Hault

Nicolas Draguez de Hault

IBM Server Solutions Executive

During his professional life, Nicolas always aimed at delivering business values to clients as Industry Experts for Retail and CPG, as Analytics, Consultant or Global Client Executives for large accounts. In his current role, Nicolas is advising clients on how to leverage IBM Systems to create value on longer term. He has a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Room: Van Dijk (1st floor)

Do you trust your car ? A short introduction to an AI implementation (presentation available)

An artificial intelligence solution can not work efficiently without relying on a well though Information architecture. Using the new generation of electric cars as an example, Nikolaas will explain what are the key 4 capabilities that need to work out together before you can step in your car with confidence.


Niko Tambuyser

Niko Tambuyser

Software Client Architect, IBM Belgium

Niko Tambuyser has more than 20 years experience in the IT Industry. His main focus is on data, analytics and AI.
Passionate about data he loves to interact with clients and design architectures that support their ambitions.
He has a lot of experience implementing software solutions with customers, ranging from data sourcing, ingestion, data transformations and integrations, master data management, data warehousing, analytic and AI.

Currently he is a Software Architect within the IBM Cloud unit, where he is helping customers on their journey to cloud with and emphasis on data and AI. He helps clients selecting the right software tooling to build solutions that enable optimal usage of their data which results in new business models and revenue streams.

Room: Ensor

IBM Rapid Move - your bridge to S/4 HANA

Looking to move to SAP S/4HANA? Learn about IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA, a new approach designed to provide a smarter and faster way to digital transformations. Businesses across industries can look to accelerate the process of migrating existing SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA, enabling them to speed up the reinvention of core business processes and integration of new technology. This allows you to adopt S/4HANA faster, while including business process transformation that delivers greater value for your organization. In this session, you will discover the power of IBM Rapid Move approach to accelerate your S/4HANA transformation.


Room: Bruegel

Hugo van der Weijden

Hugo van der Weijden

Executive Partner

As Cloud Application Innovation leader, I help our clients to migrate to the cloud successfully, to benefit from automation and NextGen Enterprise Applications such as SAP, Workday and Oracle. Bringing the power of IBM in play for our clients is my daily mantra.


Over de Ring – Digital transformation of urban development in Antwerp (presentation available)

After a brief intro to IBM's work in smarter cities Arcadis will explain their 'Over de Ring' digital transformation and how they are using digital to transform their work on urban development in partnership with IBM.


Room: Magritte

Geert de Smedt

Geert de Smedt


Geert De Smedt is project manager with Arcadis Belgium, and BIM manager for the infrastructure team. He has been involved in various integral infrastructure projects where he is responsible for the spatial and traffic design aspects and general project coordination.
Geert is the coordinator of the project team that supports the Flemish Government (AWV) in the development of the Antwerp Mobility Master Plan 2020.

Jacob Dencik

Jacob Dencik

IBM Watson IoT Consulting CoC

I'm a Senior Managing Consultant with IBM Watson IoT Consulting and advise cities, regions and countries on their economic, social and urban development. I also advise companies on their global supply chains, operations and location strategies. Within IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, I've been extensively involved in our Smarter Cities thought leadership and led the development of some of IBM's Smarter Cities and Infrastructure consulting offerings and their subsequent implementation around the world. More recently, I've been involved in a number of Smarter and Cognitive Cities and Infrastructure business development initiatives and projects and I often work as a global Subject Matter Expert on Smarter and Cognitive Cities. In a broader sense, I am very interested in how Big Data, Analytics and IoT can help transform operations, services and societies for the better.

Drone-assisted bridge inspection using IBM Watson Studio

Bridges are much more delicate than appearances would suggest. Concrete structures experiencing variable loads and vibrations are subject to cracking, and even though this is unavoidable we need regular inspection and maintenance to avoid possible dramatic failures. However, bridges are, almost by definition, hard to access for inspection. Drones are a possible solution, but require an operator skilled in both drone piloting and concrete inspection. Using AI technology, we aim to automate the entire bridge inspection process. Using custom models deployed on IBM's Watson Studio, we take footage made by a drone autonomously navigating around a bridge, find concrete cracks and position them on a 3D model of said bridge.


Room: Bruegel

The Customs@Speed Platform Solution

As a result of increasing consumer expectation on product availability, routing flexibility, speed-of-delivery and end-to-end transparency, supply chains are more complex to manage. And as goods pass between countries’ borders, import and export processes become more complex, too. These increased complexities require specific attention from supply chain managers to find solutions to manage the complexities more efficiently.
The Customs@Speed Platform is one solution to consistently manage customs processes across the globe and to speed up and automate declarations and customs inventory processing to your distribution centers. With the platform you will get speed, compliance, flexibility and complexity simplified. It uses state-of-the-art, open-stack technology and an event-driven micro services architecture. It is containerized and multi-tenant capable.

In short, you get real-time, actionable supply chain information, across all parties to a trade, in a paperless and seamless fashion that is always auditable and always on which will help you sell more…globally…faster.


Room: Ensor

Peter Vanbuel

Peter Vanbuel

Executive Partner - Cloud Application Innovation, IBM

Peter has 30+ years of management consulting experience at PwC and IBM, he sold and delivered performance improvement, cost reduction, ERP and complex systems integration projects to clients, he sold and managed long term application management contracts. Peter worked for European as well as Belgian organizations in multiple industries. He worked on complex bids across Europe such as Portugal Telecom, SNCF, Alstom, DHL, Novartis and others. Currently he is working as Executive Partner in the Distribution Sector and the Cloud Application Innovation unit at IBM Global Business Services in the Benelux, he works for clients such as D'Ieteren and NIKE.

How to consume or produce electricity in a smarter way? Optimizing algorithms powering Europe’s energy markets with IBM CPLEX. (presentation available)

N-SIDE’s has been designing energy market clearing software for more than a decade. Among others, N-SIDE develops the algorithm used by all European power exchanges to compute day-ahead electricity prices in more than 25 European countries. The speakers will explain why advanced features of optimization solutions like IBM CPLEX are key to ensure a safer, faster and fairer operation of the power markets.


Pierre-Paul Mouchet

Pierre-Paul Mouchet

Software Engineer, N-SIDE

Pierre-Paul has been working as a software engineer at N-SIDE for about two years, developing solutions for the energy market. Being involved in the application and market rules design, he is well aware of the challenges inherent to large integrated electricity markets.
Previously, he worked on banking applications where he learned of the importance of reliability and resiliency.
He has strong interest for operation research and is convinced by the benefits of optimization for business and society. He believes optimization should be further leveraged in data analysis.

Room: Folon

IBM Watson for Cognitive Legal Research (presentation available)

KPMG's solution empowers legal professionals to find the best precedent and the most authoritative statement to support their case in court. This artificial intelligence solution rapidly analyses judgments rendered by Luxembourg courts and extracts the relevant information. The solution also helps lawyers to better quantify the procedural indemnity. The solution shall predict court case outcomes, case duration, judicial tendencies and legal trends.


Philippe Bovy

Philippe Bovy

Associate Partner IT Advisory

During his professional experience, Philippe worked closely with Client organizations at Cx0 level to evangelize, solution design, build and enable large-scale Outsourcing initiatives, covering the whole IT value chain and ranging from workplace and mobile device management to Datacentre and Cloud services. More recently, Philippe helped enterprises in their digitalization journey, bringing expertise in IT enterprise architecture, cloud transformation and IA initiatives. In addition, Philippe is leading the IBM Watson alliance for KPMG Luxembourg.

Room: Magritte

Smarter Customer Care & Connected Commerce

In 30 minutes you will learn about Bluewolf bringing AI powered innovation using the Salesforce (Field)Service and CommerceClouds to your contactcenter, portals and webshop, driving higher NPS , while reducing cost to serve.


Jos Kuijer

Jos Kuijer

Solution Architect, Bluewolf, an IBM company

Jos Kuijer is an Engagement Manager /Solution architect who helps customers transform their service, sales and marketing organizations using the Salesforce platform. Before joining IBM – Bluewolf Jos has worked for leading technology Companies including Siebel Systems (Oracle) , SAP, Business Objects and CGI. Jos uniquely combines industry business knowledge with cutting edge technology innovation. Jos has deep industry experience working with clients such as Nespresso, Adidas, ABB, Philips/TPV, UCB Pharma, Rabobank and Proximus in the Analytics and Digital/CRM domain.

Filip Stoop

Filip Stoop

Engagement Manager, Bluewolf, an IBM company

Filip is the engagement manager for Bluewolf Belgium, with +8 years of experience in Salesforce consulting in various industries and multiple geographies. He has worked as a Functional Lead, project manager a Solution Lead. He has a degree in Applied Communications and Marketing.
Filip is passionate about Customer Relationship Management and more specifically about the Salesforce Platform. He was involved in several Salesforce projects at local companies, as well as multinationals. His goal is to add customer centricity to the maximum level. Turning the customer journey into great customers experiences is a standard process he applies every time. Among the projects he worked on are EDF Luminus, Janssen Pharma/Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca, Corona Direct, AB InBev and Digipolis/City of Antwerp.

Room: Bruegel

How we improved the recovering rate of debts by the use of Caroline, a chatbot with Watson (presentation available)

"Interventus" has implemented a chatbot solution called "Caroline" (leveraging Watson Assistant) that allows to debitors to get the right information about their files and to negociate payment plan. The objective of this project is to increase the efficiency of the recovery rate, while reducing the time of recovery and offering a high quality service, allowing people to ask questions and build a plan refund, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Philippe Hoge

Philippe Hoge


Bailiff since 1999, member of the Order Council of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Liège from 2004 to 2017, Treasurer of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Liège from 2013 to 2017, reporter of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Liège since 2017 Member representing the bailiffs of Liège at the National Chamber. Co founder of Interventus in 2015.

Pierre-Paul Fares

Pierre-Paul Fares

Chief Sales Officer, I-PULSES

With more than 25 years of experience specifically in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Pierre-Paul Fares has accumulated strong experience in transforming Data into information to meet Business needs.
He also focused on Business Consulting, particularly for projects in which he participated for major international companies.
The projects he was involved in have allowed him to develop end-to-end business solutions, thus covering the whole value chain around "the data".
During his previous position, he was BI Competence Center Manager.
He is used with several cloud tools around Watson (Watson Analytics for Social Media, Watson Customer Experience Analytics).
He is currently Chief Sales Officer at I-PULSES.

Room: Silent Theatre

IBM Food Trust, The Blockchain Network optimizing the Food Ecosystem (presentation available)

IBM Food Trust, developed over the last 2 years with the collaboration of major actors of the food industry, uses Blockchain technology to create unprecedented visibility and accountability in the food supply chain. It benefits all food ecosystem participants with a safer, smarter, and more sustainable food ecosystem. The digitization of transactions and data provides a more efficient way of working across the supply chain, including growers, processors, shippers, retailers, regulators, and consumers, ultimately providing complete supply network visibility and transparency. Learn about the solution’s capabilities and how Blockchain is transforming the industry.


Anne-Sophie Verdonck

Anne-Sophie Verdonck

IBM Blockchain Food Trust Sales, IBM

In her role as IBM Blockchain Food Trust Sales for Europe and Middle East and Africa, Anne Sophie Verdonck is working with Food producers, suppliers, retailers and regulators in Europe and Middle East and Africa to unlock the potential of Blockchain technology in Food industry. Prior to this role, she acquired extensive experience in building ecosystems between companies collaborating cross segments and countries as Public Sector and Heathcare Client Executive and International Channel Program manager in China and Middle East and Africa.

Room: Magritte

Predictive maintenance insight with chatbot : Performance for Assets uses cloud to increase wind farm output (presentation available)

Demand for wind energy is soaring. Spotting an opportunity, Performance for Assets (P4A) teamed up with IBM Garage to create an advanced asset management monitoring system for wind turbines that enables predictive maintenance and boosts asset performance.


Room: Bruegel

Jean-Louis Counet

Jean-Louis Counet

Managing Director, P4A

Jean-Louis Counet is managing director of P4A. He is still working at Maintenance Partners as BU director and had in the past an international career first as project engineer and then as CEO.

Renaud Demarneffe

Renaud Demarneffe

Chief Technology Officer, I-PULSES

Renaud Demarneffe is a computer science engineer.
Specialist in process improvement, data management and more specifically in the value transformation of these data (Data Analytics), he has a great experience (more than 15 years) in the implementation of complex architectures to meet business challenges.
In particular, he focused on managing both high-volume and real-time data (IoT).

He is currently Chief Technology Officer at I-PULSES

API at FedNot: connect to all (presentation available)

FedNot decided mid 2018 to extend its DataPower platform with the IBM API Connect solution. The main drivers were the desire to have a shorter time to market and enhanced (business) insights. The API program was part of a larger transformation program that focusses on the adaption of Fednot to new trends in the market: cloud, mobile, blockchain, consumerization, etc. The API platform is positioned as cornerstone technology to enable this transformation.

We will cover our experience with the setup of the API Management platform. We discuss the business drivers, the organizational impact and the technical challenges. By sharing our experience and insight we hope to give guidance on how to setup an API Platform successfully.


Room: Folon

Jolien Jans

Jolien Jans

API Platform Manager, FedNot

Jolien is the API Platform manager with the Koniklijke Federatie van het Belgisch Notariaat (FEDNOT). After her studies as commercial engineer Jolien started her career as integration analyst for a large retailer where she developed a strong interest and expertise in application integration. In her current role Jolien is responsible for the setup and implementation of the API platform in support of the digital transformation program at FEDNOT.

Dirk Maes

Dirk Maes

Integration Designer, FedNot

Dirk currently leads the IBM integration competence center of the Cronos Group and spent over 20 years in consulting and presales, mainly focusing on middleware solutions. He guides customers to find the right solution for their integration challenges. Over the past years he helped more than 10 Belgian customers to architect and implement API Management solutions.

Building your blockchain advantage – Fresh insights on how to create value, scale fast and open new markets (presentation available)

As blockchain adoption continues to gather momentum, organizations must approach their blockchain strategies with the same rigor and commitment as any other new and transformative strategies. They can’t just fall back on prototypes alone. They need to build a robust business case for blockchain that includes a fair incentive model to attract all the partners required for the success of their networks. New governance models can help scale the network quickly and before others do. Monetization strategies will be crucial to generate and recoup investment for the build out of the technology platform and other infrastructure.


Smitha Soman

Smitha Soman

Blockchain Business Research

Smitha Soman has spent the last 4 years immersed in blockchain and has created more than 18 pieces of research and thought leadership charting the evolution of blockchain, as part of the IBM Institute for Business Value. She is a passionate advocate for blockchain’s potential to transform business and uses every opportunity to share her expertise at various IBM and external business conferences.

Pre-blockchain, Smitha Soman has over 10 years of experience as a strategist in Business & Technology Transformation, Organizational Change Management, Project Management and IT Services Management. She’s a computer engineer, a trained IBM Design Thinking practitioner and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Smitha believes that ‘a small group of committed people can change the world’, and serves her community and company as an executive speaker, volunteer, mentor and recruiter.

Room: Delvaux

Supply Chain and AI – The future... today! (presentation available)

In a world where in both end-consumer and business-to-business based industries Delivery and/or Supply Chain excellence is considered a major selection criteria and is measured by the latest delivery it is becoming more and more imported any disruption which may impact the Available To Promise made to the customer/client is detected as early as possible allowing ample time to either react and still fulfil to promise or to inform and make present possibly alternatives.
For this IBM now introduces IBM Supply Chain Insights. A first of a kind end-to-end Supply Chain visibility and collaboration platform.


Room: Folon

Pierre Mijnsbergen

Pierre Mijnsbergen

Client Solution Professional – IBM Watson Customer Engagement Europe – Watson Supply Chain

Starting his career in the Shipping and Logistics business with holding jobs in Liner Agency and Container Management and then into more IT related functions mainly around logistics and supply chain connectivity and communications from where his transition into IBM was made.

At IBM he started out continuing his work within Integration and Connectivity/Communications working with IBM's major customers, Europe and World Wide within, mainly, the Distribution, Logistics Retail and to some extend the Banking industries. Currently he works as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the IBM Watson Supply Chain, Order Management & Fulfilment organisation helping IBM customers/client to optimise their Available to Promise and fulfilment as well as modernising their connectivity and communications capabilities in support of these optimisation efforts.

Chatbots as communication vehicle with the citizens (presentation available)

You might wonder why citizens would want to talk to Infrabel, as being manager of the Belgian railway network. Well, you'd be surprised ... Kim Castro, head of Media at Infrabel, will explain how a chatbot fits into his communication strategy and how Infrabel implemented this chatbot alongside all other existing communication channels.


Kim Castro

Kim Castro

Media Manager, Infrabel

Experienced crisis communication manager with a strong focus on the fast moving digital world. Built an extensive know-how of social and digital media, while working for both public and private companies, such as NMBS, BMW, Antwerp Police and Infrabel. Strong believer of cocreation. Natural connector. Passionate about making people grow. Taking my experience to a higher level by developing Blue Kangaroo, a collaborative knowledge database.

Room: Ensor

Future of automated digital workplace (presentation available)

A new workplace is emerging to a future in which every job, role, activity and task is either automated or at minim augmented by suite of collaborating technologies. It’s really about intelligence amplification – humans, assisted by machines to do a better job and to provide a premium customer experience. To achieve this we employ AI we are able to give some digital „super powers“ to the human professionals.


Davor Brajanoski

Davor Brajanoski

Cognitive Process Automation BeNeLux, IBM

Automation – provided revenue generating or cost reduction results via automation enterprise grade solutions spanning from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Run Book Automation (RBA) to various forms of noise control in Event Management and automaton of IT System Administrations. Achieved collaboration with over 250 clients and delivered yearly savings in range of 50M$.

Data Driven Enterprise – Built up enterprise level information systems supporting delivery/operations, service excellence and automation from Business Intelligence Suits to scale and unstructured formats of Big Data.

15+ years of developing and delivering automation solutions and savings to operations leadership and client representatives.

Room: Silent Theatre

Panel Discussion : Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Where man meets machine

Artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on everyone's professional and personal life. The emerging partnership between man and machine promises to augment our human capabilities and bring about new opportunities for exploration and advancement. In parallel we need to make progress on the transparency and accountability of these AI systems. How is Belgium preparing for this and how do we put our country on the map internationally when it comes to AI?

The panel will be moderated by Yves Mulkers, Social Influencer & Industry Analyst, 7wData
Panel members:

Tias Guns

Tias Guns

Assistant professor and member of the cross-faculty Artificial Intelligence lab at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Tias Guns is Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium. He co-leads the data lab and is member of the cross-facultary AI research center. His research lies at the intersection of machine learning and constraint optimisation, and the hybredisation of reasoning and learning. His PhD was awarded with both the constraint programming dissertation award and the ECCAI artificial intelligence dissertation award, and he publishes in the main AI conferences and journals. He is an active member of the community and has organized a number of workshops and a special issue on the topic of combining constraint reasoning with mining and learning. He likes to use Waze as an example of the great benefits but also potential concerns of AI.

Nathanael Ackerman

Nathanael Ackerman

General Manager – AI4Belgium

Nathanael Ackerman is the current lead of the AI4Belgium Coalition, he is also appointed as AI Expert @ Federal Public Service “Policy and Support” – Dept Digital Transformation. He was the former advisor for AI of the French Governement, and the past Managing Director of the Hub France Intelligence Artificielle.

Ferdinand Casier

Ferdinand Casier

Business Group Leader Digital Industries at Agoria & Expert from AI4Belgium coalition

Ferdinand Casier holds an Executive Master in Management from the Solvay Business School and has more than 18 years of experience in the ICT sector. In March 2013 he joined Agoria, the Belgian Federation for the technology industry, as Business Group Leader for the Digital Industries. He has spurred innovation in the data field through the EluciDATA project in collaboration with Sirris and DTAI (2014-2018), has developed several projects in the areas of IoT, cybersecurity and information management and is now actively involved in the implementation of regional and national strategies to encourage the adoption of AI by companies and organizations.

Yves Mulkers

Yves Mulkers

Social Influencer & Industry Analyst, 7wData

Yves is an industry thought leader, analyst and practicing BI and analytics consultant, with a focus on data management and architecture.
He runs a digital publication platform 7wData, where he shares stories on what you can do with data and how you should do it.
7wData works together with major brands worldwide, on their B2B marketing strategy, online visibility and go to market strategy.
Yves is also an explorer of new technologies, and keeps his finger on what's happening with Bigdata, Blockchain, Cloud solutions, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, future of work and smart cities, from an architecture point of view, helping businesses build value from their data.

Wouter Denayer

Wouter Denayer

Architect Profession Lead, IBM

Wouter is passionate about technology. That's why he feels great at IBM where he helps companies understand and implement new innovations where they matter. This with one eye on the business, another on the tech, and a third on the impact on society. Wouter is CTO for IBM Belgium and member of IBM's Academy of Technology. His four patent applications are making their way through the process.

Room: Magritte

Power grids on blockchain – Reviving vulnerable, aging power grids with blockchain and AI

Current power grids are structured for a world that no longer exists. With more and intermittent energy systems stressing a power grid that’s not prepared for new energy patterns, blockchain and other technologies can offer relief. Not by integrating the system, but helping to make it more distributed.


Alex Bausch

Alex Bausch

Experienced business leader in the Blockchain and Cybersecurity space

Charismatic, energetic and results focused entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of international sales and business development. A dynamic achiever with an outstanding record of success in profitable sales and new business development. Analytical, lateral thinker with excellent negotiating and consultative selling skills. A proven track record in building successful companies and scaling them globally. Firm believer in partner ecosystems which aim to inspire and spawn new innovations. Substantial people management and P & L responsibility.

Specialties: International Business Development, Enterprise Sales, Building Teams, Identity & Authentication, Cyber Security, Identity Security, Enterprise Managed Mobility, Decentralized Ledger Technology, Blockchain as a Service.

Louis De Bruin

Louis De Bruin

Blockchain Thought Leader Europe at IBM Global Business Services

Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Planning, IT Strategy, Management, Business Development, and Telecommunications. Strong business development professional with a Master of Science focused in Industrial Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Room: Delvaux

The Painting Supercomputer: Neural Style Transfer on IBM PowerAI

Neural style transfer is basically Instagram filters on steroids. Using AI algorithms, we can learn the "style" of a certain painting or image, and transfer it to a different image. These algorithms have already produced some amazing pictures and even videos, but still require some time to process. Using the raw power of IBM's PowerAI systems, we can turn this into a real-time process. This leads to a jaw dropping visual experience, effectively transporting people and their environments into the creative minds of great painters.


Deevid De Meyer

Deevid De Meyer

Co-founder/Sales Manager, Brainjar

Deevid De Meyer is the technical sales manager and co-founder of a machine learning “as a service” company called Brainjar. At Brainjar, Deevid is responsible for transforming customer processes into technical solutions and determining software architecture. Frequently, Deevid also doubles as “AI evangelist”, haven given over a hundred well received presentations on various subjects regarding AI, ranging from inspirational sessions to technical deep dives. Recently, Deevid has also founded a company called QNTM, focusing on helping companies navigate the quantum computing landscape.

Room: Silent Theatre


Cyber Resiliency (presentation available)

See what happens when your organisation is hit by a cyber attack. And discover what the result could be when the appropriate measures are taken.


Lex Veltman

Leader Resiliency, IoT, Network and Brokerage Services BeNeLux

Lex Veltman is responsible for the Resiliency services business at IBM Benelux. Prior to this role, Lex spent many years at IBM's business consultancy division and joined the global Resiliency team as subject matter expert working with large international customers in various industries. With a wealth of experience starting as a project manager all the way through consultant and business development within the IT domain, Lex is a very passionate person who like to challenge and trigger you with controversial and with disruptive ideas.

Room: Folon

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) – Analysing data while it remains secure and private (presentation available)

The common method of storing sensitive data and sharing it with colleagues and partners has a weak link. Today, files are often encrypted in transit and at rest, but decrypted while in use. This provides hackers repeated opportunities to steal unencrypted files. Homomorphic encryption plugs those holes. It allows the manipulation of data by permissioned parties while it's still encrypted, minimizing the time it exists in its most vulnerable state. In conjunction with other tools, homomorphic encryption also makes it possible to selectively restrict decryption capabilities, so people can see only the portions of a file that are necessary for them to do their work. Homomorphic encryption holds significant promise for industries like finance and healthcare, making it possible to share financial information or patient health records broadly while restricting access to all but the necessary data. Homomorphic encryption allows collaboration over the cloud and should facilitate cross-industry collaboration, even among competitors looking to perform advanced analytics on encrypted data of common interest. For example, rival pharmaceutical companies can pool and analyze encrypted medical research data to speed drug discovery — without revealing sensitive company or patient information.


Dave Braines

Dave Braines

CTO emerging technology, IBM research (Hursley lab)

Dave Braines is the Chief Technology Officer for Emerging Technology, IBM Research UK, and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. As a member of IBM Research he is an active researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence and is currently focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Network Motif analysis. He has published over 100 conference and journal papers and is currently the industry technical leader for a 10-year research consortium comprised of 17 academic, industry and government organisations from the UK and US. Dave is passionate about human-machine cognitive interfaces and has developed a number of techniques to support deep interactions between human users and machine agents.

Since 2017 Dave has been pursuing a part-time PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Cardiff University, and in his spare time he likes to get outdoors for camping, walking, kayaking, cycling or anything else that gets him away from desks and screens!

Room: Ensor

Transitioning to hybrid cloud securely (presentation available)

Too often, security is forgotten in the excitement to capture the hybrid cloud’s remarkable potential. Perceptions that secure processes can slow digital transformation may lead to security being treated as an afterthought. This session takes you through the three key dimensions to evaluate when transitioning to cloud: network and visibility, data protection and identity. We'll look into the requirements for each and cover the solutions that provide the security controls needed for a secure transition to a hybrid cloud environment.


Erwin Friethoff

Security Solution Architect, IBM

Erwin has been focusing on IT Security solutions for the past 7 years. Prior to joining IBM Security he gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of broad IT infrastructure solutions at Enterprise-level organisations. In addition, Erwin is technical security lead for IBM’s AI technology Watson for Cybersecurity.

Room: Bruegel

The future of security

On the traditional cat-and-mouse game between the bad people who intend to steal and conquer and the good people who intend to prevent and repress the bad people. Maxwell will position the traditional struggle in the context of the not-so-distant future.


Maxwell Keyte

Benelux Security unit leader, IBM

Maxwell Keyte leads the Benelux security unit for IBM. He has been trained in law and public administration. Maxwell has a background in military intelligence, consulting and management. His passion is to prevent bad people from doing bad things. He lives in The Hague with his wife and three daughters.

Room: Folon

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