Open, interoperable and available anywhere for enterprises and entrepreneurs

Meets business and technical needs

The latest version of the IBM Blockchain Platform is based on two years of feedback from over 500 client engagements — large and entrepreneurial.

Enjoy multicloud flexibility

These systems run across multiple environments — both on-premises and across cloud environments. Our open-source protocol is built to run in any computing infrastructure.

Leverage our blockchain leadership

IBM is a founding member of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, collaborating to develop Hyperledger Fabric, the recognized framework of permissioned blockchain networks.

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Experience IBM Blockchain Platform

Go through the product tour and see how any developer can be a blockchain developer with the world’s leading enterprise blockchain platform. Learn how to build, operate and govern your blockchain network with enterprise production capabilities on Hyperledger Fabric.

Try the IBM Blockchain Platform free for 30 days using Red Hat® OpenShift®. Includes full functionality for developing, operating and governing a blockchain network.

Note: Red Hat OpenShift is not included with purchase of IBM Blockchain Platform.

Take the IBM Blockchain Platform tour

Start a free 30-day trial using OpenShift (link resides outside of

IBM Blockchain Platform is the leading open-source blockchain for business platform

Build your networks faster and easier

With simplified DevOps in a seamless environment, your team can move easily from development to test, to production and network management. Plus, smart contracts can be developed in JavaScript, Java and Go languages.

Operate and govern networks with total control

Deploy only the blockchain components you need (Peer, Ordering Service, Certificate Authority), manage all network components through a single console, and maintain complete control over identities, ledger and smart contracts.

Grow distributed networks with new multicloud flexibility

Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public, hybrid clouds) and easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks. Start small, with no upfront investment, pay as you grow, and upgrade easily through Kubernetes.

Learn more about IBM Blockchain Platform

VS Code interface with IBM Blockchain Platform extension

IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code

Create, test and debug smart contracts, connect to Hyperledger Fabric environments, and build applications for your blockchain network.

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IBM Blockchain Platform Technical Overview

Learn how the platform is designed to help you accelerate the development, governance and operation of a multi-institution business network.

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Enterprise blockchain FAQ

Get answers to top questions about enterprise blockchain and using a blockchain platform, including performance, security and data privacy.


Supply chain

Use IBM Blockchain Platform to build supply chain solutions that use data to handle the disruptions of today and build resiliency for the future.

Financial services

With financial services solutions built on IBM Blockchain Platform, you can bring trust, transparency, simplicity and efficiency to financial transactions.


Resolve trust, transparency and data integrity challenges in healthcare and life sciences with solutions built on IBM Blockchain Platform.

More industries

Industry leaders are using specialized applications of IBM Blockchain to remove friction, build trust and unlock new value, across industries and around the globe.

IBM Blockchain Platform case studies

Roberto Manconi in front of blockchain digital illustration

Trade finance: Innovation DAC, an active solution built on IBM Blockchain Platform, reduces friction and brings trust to trade finance for 14 European banks.

Brian Quartel talking in Home Depot video

Supply chain: Home Depot

Home Depot’s use of blockchain increases supply chain visibility for faster vendor dispute resolutions and stronger supplier relationships.

Two people using masks discussing about a paper contract through a protection glass

Letter of guarantee: Lygon

Lygon, built on IBM Blockchain Platform, is helping to digitize, transform and expedite the time-consuming letter of guarantee process.

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