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Accelerate enterprise backup and recovery processes to help retrieve data and recover IT services rapidly with IBM Storage solutions for on-premises and cloud workloads. 

IBM Storage solutions for backup and recovery unifies workload protection, delivers cybersecurity capabilities to help protect your critical data against ransomware and other data security threats, helps prevent data loss, delivers capabilities to effectively manage your backup copies, and enables cost-effective management of your infrastructure.

Our storage services include workload support for VMware virtual machines, cloud backup, SaaS, on-premises workloads, and operating systems such as Windows®, Mac, Linux, and others. IBM Storage solutions can help you build and deliver the data resilience your organization needs to ensure business continuity.

Protect your data with resilient storage

The IBM FlashSystem® Cyber Vault solution, implemented by IBM Lab Services, is designed to help speed cyberattack detection and recovery, helping to prevent data loss.. It runs continuously, using standard database tools and automation software to monitor snapshots as they are created by Safeguarded Copy. By checking these Safeguarded Copy snapshots for immediate indications of changes or corruption caused by malware or ransomware, IBM FlashSystem® can be a central part of a recovery solution that helps reduce cyberattack recovery time from days to hours.

Learn more about flash technology and IBM Storage FlashSystem for cyber resilience

Understand the role of storage: Addressing the challenges of ensuring cyber resilience.

See Cyber Resiliency in action with IBM Storage FlashSystem. Demo

Detect, protect and recover from internal and external threats with storage for data resiliency

Redefine cyber resilience and get enhanced performance and unique cyber resiliency capabilities with IBM FlashSystem storage and IBM Storage Defender.
Cyber resiliency assessment

Based on the NIST Security Framework, the Cyber Resiliency Assessment Tool (CRAT) is a no-cost, two-hour workshop to help you evaluate the current data protection state of your organization, identify gaps, and identify your data security strengths and weaknesses. The output is a set of recommendations that you can use to build an effective cyber and data resiliency plan that can help you avoid downtime, secure endpoints, and protect your mission critical data and apps.

Benefits Consolidate systems and reduce costs

Reduce backup and recovery infrastructure costs by bringing multiple backup solutions and storage services into one platform, helping to reduce downtime and improving data security.

Protect data with tape or object storage

Overcome system failure with energy-efficent tape storage or software-defined hyper-scale storage solution that runs on premises, providing an added layer of protection for critical data.

Speed data backup and recovery

Accelerate data backup completions with full and incremental backup and recovery software and hardware solutions that can help reduce disruption to allow IT data center teams to focus on strategic tasks. 

Backup and recovery solutions Fast recovery with advanced ransomware protection

A solution that provides high performance, efficiency, and dependable cyber resilience with a variety of advanced data protection technologies, including threat detection, encryption, and immutable isolated data copies to enable rapid recovery in case of a cyber attack.

Cloud backup solution with data protection

Secure your SaaS data with a cloud backup and recovery solution for your Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google Cloud workloads that lets you control the frequency, timing and granularity of your cloud backup and restore operations for improved data resilience.

All-in-one data protection

A storage services solution providing data protection, backup services, and disaster recovery for endpoints such as VMware virtual machines, Windows® file systems, databases, apps, and containers in hybrid cloud environments, with support for most operating systems.

Software-defined hyper-scale cloud storage

Create your own data lake for AI and backup data with industry-leading object storage, with capabilities to automate fail over, data rebuild, expansion, and re-balancing.

IBM Tape air gap protection

Enhanced data resiliency and ransomware protection through tape solutions that physically isolate data from a local area network, improving the effectiveness of your recovery solution.

Enterprise cyber resilient storage

Protect your mission critical data against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats with immutable storage that prevents modifications or deletion of production data, helping to enable your business continuity objectives.

Case studies Micro Strategies protects client data

Using the IBM Storage portfolio, Micro Strategies created DataVault, a managed security service provider solution that provides ransomware protection and protects critical data against other data loss threats, as well as recover from those cyberattacks.

Data Action reduces response time

With high-performance IBM FlashSystem storage, Data Action hosts its IBM QRadar SIEM solution for increased cybersecurity and data security. The deployment has had a significant impact on the ability of their security operations center (SOC) to analyze cybersecurity threats, helping to protect critical data and improve data resiliency.

Resources Fight ransomware

Register for the webinar on 11 June 2024 at 11:00 AM EDT to learn how you can combine the power of IBM® Storage Defender and IBM FlashSystem® to fight ransomware.

Backup is not enough—it's time to move to data resilience

Watch the on-demand recording to learn practical steps you can take to build a more resilient operation and secure your data.

Workload-specific data protection

Additional data protection is now available for SAP HANA, Epic Healthcare, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Shifting from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience

As ransomware continues to spread, impacting small business all the way up to large enterprises, data protection has moved to the top of many organizations’ list of priorities. Explore four key components of IBM’s cyber resilience solution, Cyber Vault, alongside the important role that storage plays in resiliency.

Data Resilience for Enterprise Workloads

IBM Storage Defender can help build data resilience across your enterprise workloads. It includes tools to monitor, protect, and detect ransomware and other cybersecurity threats, as well as automate data backup and data recovery workflows across your primary and secondary storage.

Safeguarded Copy Implementation Guide

See how the IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy function can support your ability create cyber-resilient and automated backup copies for data recovery.

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